Nifty Ideas To Fit a Walk-in Wardrobe (in Your Tiny HDB)


Walk-in wardrobes have become one of the most popular must-have items homeowners ask for in a renovation. But with small rooms in HDB flats, is it really possible to fit in a sizeable walk-in wardrobe with enough room to walk in it?

Fear not, the answer is yes! These 11 wardrobe ideas prove that when there’s a will, there’s a space-efficient way.

Combine two rooms for easy access

1. If you’ve got a spare room adjacent to your bedroom, consider hacking the walls in between and convert it into an en-suite walk-in wardrobe – this makes your room much more spacious at the same time!

Interior Designer: U & Me Interior

2. If want the areas more clearly demarcated, create a walkway of sorts that combines rooms, without removing the walls completely. Here, the wall area that’s left intact supports a pole shoe rack system.

Interior Designer: Boon Siew D’sign

Turn a spare bedroom into a full-fledged closet

3. Joining two rooms into one has its own perks, but having four full walls for your walk-in wardrobe means more space – having a whole room just for your clothes, shoes and accessories? Just like a movie star.

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior

4. Sometimes, you just need a little more privacy when changing, so having a proper room with a door comes in handy – besides, no hacking also means less costs!

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates

Carve out a nook

5. Of course, forfeiting an entire room isn’t the only way – if space permits, create a small ‘pocket’ or nook in your bedroom. In fact, a walkway gap as narrow as 80cm – 1 metre is enough for a decent walk-in closet.

Interior Designer: Aiden-T

6. Take cute from this glass encased walk-in wardrobe, entirely created within the confines of this bedroom, which leaves the room looking bright and spacious.

Interior Designer: Co. Prozfile Design

7. Making a statement with an arched entryway, this bedroom’s ultra-slim closet gives off major hip-boutique vibes, with mirrors installed on the sides, visually elongating the area.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

Use the wardrobe as a room divider

8. Erecting your wardrobe in the middle of the room allows this clean and bright bedroom to have a small, walk-in corner, right beside the bathroom for easy access after a shower.

Designer: Charlotte’s Carpentry

9. Use the wardrobe’s backing as a the perfect OOTD backdrop (for an obligatory photo-op), which also gives the room a stand-out feature for visual interest.

Interior Designer: JDC Interior

Create a partition

10. If you’re blessed with a sizeable master bedroom, carve out a decent wardrobe space. Even so, you don’t need to erect a wall. Instead, use panels/partitions to subtly ‘divide’ your space. Here, a vanity table maximises the space’s utility.

Interior Designer: Edge Interior

11. With colourful Peranakan tiles and an open-shelving system, this wardrobe corner is a huge contrast to the white-washed bedroom, making it look like a totally different room! Thankfully, translucent glass partitions tone down the visual buzz for the sleeping area and work as a privacy screen.

Interior Designer: Poetus

Create a space you love

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