Nostril grafting, cherry lips, jaw reduction: the most popular operations in South Korea


Plastic nostrils

Seoul is considered the capital of plastic surgery. Over a million beauty treatments per year are performed here. According to statistics, every third woman in South Korea aged 19 to 29 years old went under the knife. There are 2,330 practicing plastic surgeons in the country (this is the highest figure in the world!). For many, having an operation became quite a routine, almost like going to the store. It is not surprising, because everything is simpler than simple: just download the Gangnam Unnie application, upload your photos there, and in a couple of minutes the experts will give you an online consultation.

Jaw reduction, surgery to change the shape of the nostrils, chin plastic – SPLETNIK.RU talks about the most popular beauty manipulations in South Korea.

The boom of K-pop (Korean pop music) not only turned the world music charts, but also created new standards of beauty. Young people across East Asia tend to look like their favorite stars: with wide eyes, small straight noses and pointed chins. Therefore, it is not surprising that South Korea is the most popular country for plastic surgery.

In Seoul, there’s nowhere to hide from ads calling for something in their appearance, and many of its residents see plastic surgery as an integral part of a successful career.

The Koreans even have the term Oemo jisang juui, which means a requirement for employment, according to which preference is given to more attractive candidates. In addition to a well-written resume and positive recommendations, most employers want to see a beautiful employee in their company. According to a survey conducted among 760 companies, 93 percent of firms indicated that they were deciding on a job based on their appearance.

If I were an employer, I would not hire a person who does not look charming. Many hire handsome, pretty-looking people who are friendly to their customers, – says one of the members of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Korea.

They teach to plastic literally from childhood. Many parents give their children certificates for beauty transformation for high school graduation. According to the survey, 41.4 percent of teenagers surveyed said they wanted to have plastic surgery.

Young people and girls aged 20 show me a photo of a pop star and say that they want to look like that. The Korean beauty ideals are perhaps best illustrated by these celebrities: they have neat facial features, porcelain skin and shiny hair, Says Ri Byung Joon, a cosmetologist at BK Plastic Surgery.

Huge demand has generated an impressive supply. There are a whole quarter of clinics in Seoul, and recently, injecting Botox or making bigger lips can be done right at Incheon International Airport – a surgery and cosmetology center has opened there. So, what operations do the people of South Korea spend money on.

Overhanging eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

One of the most popular surgeries is called "double eye surgery." According to local experts, many clients complain that their eyes look puffy and small because there is no crease on the upper eyelid. As a result of the procedure, the very fold is created, making the eyes larger and more expressive. There are three options for the operation: non-incisional (without incisions, special threads are used), partially incisional (a small incision is needed to remove fat, and the fold is done with the help of the thread) and incision (carried out using an incision of tissues).

However, this procedure is popular not only in Korea: 15 percent of all plastic surgeries in the world are blepharoplasty.
It seems to many that Koreans and Asians have a rather aggressive appearance. And wide-open eyes make a person visually more friendly and sweet, – Explains the famous Korean surgeon Beng-Gong Kim.

Epicanthus plastic

The second desired procedure is to change the shape of the external (lateral) corner of the eye. The skin of the epicanthus (Mongoloid fold) is incised, as a result, the eyes become more elongated, large and expressive. Many patients undergo this operation simultaneously with eyelid correction.

Jaw reduction surgery

The reference (by Korean standards) chin should be V-shaped. If nature has not rewarded it, an operation to change the jaw will help. During the operation (it lasts an average of a couple of hours), a piece of the lower jaw is cut off. To understand the scale of such interventions, just look at the photo that was published by one of the beauty clinics in Korea. The image shows a two-meter capacity, completely filled with sawn jaw bones of patients.

Chin Plastic

During this operation, the jaw is literally broken and reassembled to create the desired face shape. Chin repair, which is considered one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries, was initially performed exclusively for medical purposes (for example, to align the jaw after an injury).

Due to the large number of sensitive nerves and blood vessels surrounding the region of the upper and lower jaw, this procedure also involves long-term rehabilitation, accompanied by edema and pain, from 12 weeks to 6 months. An unsuccessful procedure can lead to serious complications, such as bleeding, tooth damage, infection, nerve damage, paralysis and even death. In 2013 alone, as a result of this operation, 14 deaths were recorded in South Korea.

Forehead lift

You can increase your forehead in three ways. The first is to place an implant, it will help create more rounded facial features. Koreans believe that a rounded forehead rejuvenates no worse than a facelift.

The second method is less traumatic – the hairline is adjusted and a new forehead shape is created.

Endoscopic lifting is a new technology in which a forehead lift is performed using a surgical instrument – an endoscope, which is inserted through a series of small incisions along the hairline.

Cherry Lips

This summer, Seoul is embraced by a new trend called "cherry lips."

In the past, many focused on puffy lips. Angelina Jolieand now Koreans prefer a technique in which filler is introduced only in two areas and the lips become like two bulk berries, Says Kang Jong Bama, chief dermatologist at JY Plastic Surgery & Dermatology.

Lip plastic

While women in Western countries use fillers to make their lips puffier and more voluminous, some Asian women do not dream about lips Kylie Jenner. They, on the contrary, suture the lips … The incision is made along the border of the vermillion – the line of contact between the outer part of the lip and the inner, mucous membrane. A part of the one and the other tissue is removed, along the line of their contact a suture is applied.


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