Smart hacks for the home with space constraints


We live in a capitalist world which has, over the years, equated more space to more cost, which means it’s gotten much more expensive to buy or rent a spacious home. Gone are the days when a 2 bedroom HDB could mean 1,200 square feet of space, and all at an affordable price.


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But in the era of Google images, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s become so easy for us regular folks to build ourselves our mood boards, and work towards getting our dream home too. Extra space is good, of course, but when we have constraints, the best thing to do is to work around it.

Here are some of the smart hacks that you can use to maximise your living space.


Underneath storage container

These storage boxes that you can use to stow away clutter under your bed, S$12.90.


Privita Standing Mirror with Storage Closet

Items that serve more than one-function mean you need less things taking up space in your home. This mirror that serves as a jewellery storage keeps clutter out of sight, S$109.90.


Oval acrylic bathroom mirror

Mirrors create the illusion of space, so intersperse your wall decorations with mirrors, like this round one that works well inside the bathroom or in the hallway, S$16.90.


Pineapple geometric pattern gold wall decoration mirror

This large pineapple mirror doubles up as art in your home, while lending extra depth to small spaces, S$71.51


Moso Bamboo bookshelf

Lines draw eyes upwards, so use these bookshelves, fill them with books, and your eyes will be drawn to the vertical lines creating the illusion of a ceiling that is taller than it really is, S$41.40.


Macrame plant hanger

Using hanging plants in your home does a few things at the same time: it draws eyes upwards, simultaneously softening a space, creating cosiness; and you’re also making use of air space instead of floor space! Get a macrame holder and hang the potted plant of your choice, S$24.


Green leaf sofa background wall paper photo wall

Using nature inspired wallpaper, on top of having real plants dotting your home gives the illusion of being in the great, spacious outdoors! S$13.50 – S$94.50.

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