The color of fallen leaves, suede and 5 more fashionable shades of autumn manicure


The color of fallen leaves, suede and 5 more fashionable shades of autumn manicure

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Autumn officially entered into its rights, so we say hello to colorful leaves, cozy warm cardigans and a latte with pumpkin. The new season has come, which means that it's time to choose new shades of nail polishes. SPLETNIK.RU learned from experts what manicure to do this fall.


This season, all shades of green are relevant – from olive and emerald to delicate mint. You can safely take this palette as a basis and combine it with each other. Green perfectly accentuate the tan. Moreover, varnishes of this shade will look great on both short and long nails of any shape.

As for the design, we advise you to unleash your imagination and add a drop of exotic, whether it be brush marks of close shades or sketches of tropical plants – we liked the monstera or sheets of fern,

– say experts at I like Nails.

I painted the nails of actress Rashide Jones with this shade for the advertising campaign, and this is one of my favorite colors for the fall. Very stylish. The same color manicure you saw on models on Fashion Week in New York. However, 1977 from Gabriel Cosmetics is perfect for every day,

– said star nail master Jackie Salisbury.

Gray jeans

This shade of light jeans is as important for the autumn look as the new pair of jeans itself. Paint your nails with this color, put on your favorite Levi's pair and go for a walk in the park,

– experts call us.

Nail polish Le Vernis, Chanel

And the gray color is in harmony with the shining glitter, large sparkles and neat patterns.


Looking for a calm shade that will combine with all the outfits in your wardrobe? Saturated suede is the best choice. I recommend this varnish from OPI,

– says Violet Davis.

Nail Polish Nail Lacquer, OPI

Dark deep wine tones.

Is it possible to imagine autumn without berry, rich wine, dark red and crimson shades on the nails? We are sure not. Like Deborah Lippman, the famous manicurist and creative director of his eponymous brand of varnishes.

The colors of ripe berries complement the darker shades of your fall wardrobe. I advise you to choose the darkest colors possible, even close to black,

– the expert recommended.

Colors of fallen leaves

Experts suggest paying attention to the reddish shades and colors of burnt caramel. Such varnishes are suitable for owners of almond-shaped nails. This will turn out a retro manicure in the style of the 70s.

Coatings with pearlescent particles and a metallic finish are very popular this season. Essie orange metallic Rust-Worthy from Essie fall collection

– says Essie lead expert Rita Remarque.

Snow white

Please do me a favor – forget all these silly rules that say that the white shade is exclusively summer. Who says autumn manicure must be dark?

– star nail masters know what they say.

Essie Nail Polish

Blush (pinkish and pearl shades)

Lucky ruddy shades – perhaps the most fashionable color of the coming autumn, but, unfortunately, the color is complex, it is contraindicated for owners of reddish skin. It is better to choose a neutral pink shade (like this one from Sally Hansen).

Nail Polish Color Therapy, Sally HansenDior Nail Polish

Pearl lacquers became a hit at autumn shows. Use them as a powder, apply in a single layer, only to give a slight flicker,

– experts advise.

As for the design, classic French manicure is again in favor. We saw this with the Hadid sisters, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna BeyonceAshley Graham and many other stars. Tired of combining nude and white? An interesting solution would be to replace the snow-white line with red or blue.

For those who can not imagine their nails without a bright and unusual design, we advise you to opt for contrasting graphic drawings.

If we talk about the antitrends of the 2019 season, then this is primarily a combination of matte and glossy coatings in one manicure, especially in dark colors. It is also worth saying goodbye to acidic shades, it is better to choose a calm orange, pastel lemon or deep blue. And of course, in the past, a sophisticated design with overhead elements and a complex design, in the fall minimalism and elegance are in fashion,

– say experts at I like Nails.


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