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Atwood, Ill (WAND) – Audio and video clips made inside of a Douglas County police station that were deleted may still exist in a Dropbox account.

Police reports made by the Atwood Police Department allege the former Village President of Atwood, Brodie Farrar, had video cameras installed both inside and outside of the local police station.  What police did not know was at least one interior camera had the ability to record audio possibly in violation of state eavesdropping laws.  The reports went on to state Farrar linked the video system to his home security system and had the ability to listen in to conversations and may have done so nearly 45 times.

Pages of the reports, sent to WAND News by a viewer, also indicate at least 3 of those video/audio clips were deleted.  But the Edgar County Watchdogs tell WAND reporter Doug Wolfe they learned after a village board meeting those clips may still exist.

“We did identify after the meeting that there’s additional files that are in a Dropbox account that the police were not aware of,” Kirk Allen of the Watchdogs stated.

Discovery of the ability to record audio on a camera within the police department fueled blowback that resulted in the resignation of Farrar and two trustees while a third trustee failed to show up for a scheduled meeting this week.  The village attorney announced before the meeting started there was not a quorum present and the board meeting was cancelled. 

As a result of not having a quorum the board could not vote on paying bills or approving payroll. Paychecks due on Thursday, September 12, 2019 were not distributed.

“It takes four to have a quorum,” the Watchdogs John Kraft said.  “Until that other trustee that’s remaining can attend a meeting they can’t do anything.  They can’t approve any bills.  They can’t make payroll that’s due tomorrow (Thursday).  They can’t do anything until they actually have a meeting.”

The board will try to reach a quorum with a scheduled meeting for next Tuesday, September 17th at 7pm.   


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