Fashion digest: from Alexander Gudkov in the swamp to Elena Flying in vintage


Fashion digest: from Alexander Gudkov in the swamp to Elena Flying in vintage

Alexander Gudkov

At the end of the week, we sum up the traditional fashionable results: Saint Laurent called Patti Smith the new face of the brand, museum watchers became the heroines of fashion photography, and analysts found out what Europeans are buying. Read more about everything in our digest.

one.Cara Delevingne introduced the Dior fall-winter collection

27 year old Cara Delevingne who is an the face of Dior Addict Stellar Shine’s lipstick ad campaign, this week also introduced French brand clothing. The British model starred in a photo shoot in things from the fall-winter collection of the brand. The choice of the ambassador for the new creations of Maria Grazia Curie is not accidental – as the authors considered, Kara is the perfect embodiment of the free London spirit, and it was the British subculture of punks and grunge that was partly inspired by the Dior collection.

2.Alexander Gudkov starred in an extreme campaign for adidas

The Chicken Curry team, known for the craziest viral videos, has developed a campaign for adidas. Her main character was Alexander Gudkov, who introduced the MyShelter raincoat, designed specifically for extreme weather conditions in the city. According to the plot of the photo story above the hero of Gudkov, it is constantly raining, no matter how he moves around the city and in whatever absurd situations he might fall.

3.Elena Flying supported sustainable consumption

TV presenter Elena Letuchaya starred in the vintage Voyage store’s lookbook, trying on items from the old collections of YSL, Christian Dior, Delpozo, as well as Hermès and Chanel accessories.

Vintage is not only a great way to dress stylishly, but also a big step towards saving our planet,

– explained the founder of Vintage Voyage Alina Lysova.

The Muse of the Flying project was not chosen randomly – the TV star is known as one of the adherents of the trend for conscious consumption.

four.Natalia Vodianova became the heroine of the project “I am a woman. I can"

Aizel presented the second season of the social project “I am a Woman. I can ”, aimed at supporting and motivating girls and women and their self-realization in modern society.

The second season of the project was attended by a model and philanthropist Natalya Vodyanova, businessman, founder of the cosmetic brand Krygina Cosmetics, Elena Krygina, CEO of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp in Russia Anna-Maria Treneva, musician and art philanthropist Manizha, banker and public figure Nadia Cherkasova, chief forensic expert of the Far Eastern Federal District Alexandra Golubeva.

As part of the project, T-shirts with hashtags #woman # Yamogu were released, the proceeds of which will be used to support the All-Russian helpline for women affected by violence.

five.Rangers of the Bakhrushin Museum participated in fashion photography

Theater Museum A. Bakhrushin, together with photographer Daniu Golovko, launched the social project “I am not your grandmother!” Whose main goal is to attract public attention to the dedicated service of museum employees.

In the frame against the background of the recognizable interiors of the Bakhrushin Museum were Anna Nazarova (work experience in the museum for 23 years), Alla Selivanova (work experience 18 years), Galina Korchikova (8 years) and Irina Kasyanova (2 years). The employees posed for things from Atelier ODOR, Victoria Andreyanova, Persona by Marina Rinaldi and Tom Ford accessories. Shooting with the referees of the museum can be seen on billboards in Moscow.

6.Patti Smith became the face of Saint Laurent

Page Six today announced that 72-year-old singer Patti Smith will become the new face of Saint Laurent and will star in the campaign for the brand’s new spring-summer collection. The first shooting should take place the other day, its author is supposed to be the photographer Stephen Sebring. Recall earlier the face of the brand has become also 55-year-old Keanu Reeves.

<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Patty smith” title=”Patty smith”/>Patty smith

7.Agency Lyst has clarified the consumer habits of Europeans

The team of analysts at Lyst, a global search engine for fashion items, has processed more than 50 million searches across 47 countries. Leather products have become one of the main trends in Russia. At the same time, Dolce & Gabbana became the most popular brand. Vetements is also in the leading position: the most popular product among the female audience is the black Vetements raincoat, while men more often choose sneakers, especially the specific Vetements x Reebok Genetically Modified Pump model.

At the same time, Russian buyers prefer to do online shopping during the lunch break (13:00). The average purchase price in Russia for women is about $ 350, while men spend no more than $ 245. In Germany, parks and vinyl products can be identified among the trends.

Belt bags are still the most beloved and most often chosen accessory among Italians. The Danes prefer to support the Scandinavian brands – their choice falls on tea mini-dresses with floral prints, nylon bags and textile sneakers. In Spain, women know exactly what color things they want to buy – if the print, then only animalistic, if the shoes, then red, and the dress in green shades. Full report can be viewed here.


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