Kobe Bryant Reveals Why He Thinks Kawhi Leonard Chose Clippers Over Lakers


Finally, we have our answer? For months now, fans have been wondering why Kawhi Leonard ended up joining the Clippers over the Lakers. Well, Kobe Bryant was recently interviewed at the FIBA World Cup, and the Black Mamba gave his thoughts on how things went down:

I understand why Kobe reasons that Kawhi and Paul George teamed up to try and turn the Clippers around, but if we’re being honest, the Clippers have been turning things around for a while now, or at least more than the Lakers in recent years. There’s a reason why the Clippers have been in the playoffs seven out of the last eight seasons, while the Lakers haven’t sniffed the playoffs at all in the last six years.

Come the NBA regular season, the entire city of Los Angeles will be split even more than ever.


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