My hair feels clean and refreshed after AQUIS Prime’s 4-step hair routine


SINGAPORE – San Francisco-based haircare brand AQUIS promises to restore your hair to its healthiest and strongest version – so I decided to put it to test.

The AQUIS Prime 4-step system is a bit different from what we are used to. Based on the insight that wet hair is weak (up to 57% more prone to damage), they recommended to wash your hair last when you are in the shower.


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I have always known that wet hair is fragile but over the years, I have always washed my hair first in the shower. I am not sure why but I guess I adopted the top-down approach. However, AQUIS advocates waiting until the end of the shower to wash your hair to reduce potential damage. The first step is to wet my hair, prior to showering. I mist the Water Defense Prewash onto dry hair and set for at least two minutes before washing and cleansing hair. Be careful about getting it onto your floor because it makes it slippery. Spray as close to the hair as possible and stand over a towel or bathmat to keep the floors dry.

If you are a lazy person like myself, you will find the 4-step process a little laborious. I am not too sure if my hair feels stronger after using the products. I do not really have brittle hair and I have never coloured my hair before so I was not able to tell.

But I definitely battle with oily scalp with Singapore’s humid weather and am always on the lookout for hair products that can clean my hair from dirt and oil without stripping it from its natural oils.

After using AQUIS for 2 weeks, I have a positive response to it. My hair does feel cleaner and my scalp refreshed and less oily after usage.

(L to R) The Prime System: Water Defense Prewash, Rebalancing Hair Wash, Rapid Dry Hair Turban and Restorative Leave-in Conditioner (PHOTO: AQUIS Facebook page)

When I use an ineffective shampoo, I can still feel the oil that remains on my scalp. And there are also shampoos which are too strong that they leave my scalp too dry. With that, it produces more oil and my scalp becomes more oily than ever. But not with AQUIS’ Rebalancing Hairwash. It removes dirt and oil, while maintaining ideal moisture balance. It cleanses while protecting the natural pH balance of the hair.

Plus I love the scent that comes with the products. Key ingredients are coconut oil and avocado oil, natural oils which help keep hair nourished, strong and healthy.

After I have washed my hair, I use the Rapid Dry Hair Turban to dry my hair. It has been designed to resemble the shape of a turban so it molds to your head better than a regular towel. It is more secure in this sense. Basically, it is made of a water wicking material that dries your hair 50% faster. However, to me, it did not dry my hair faster than a regular towel.

Rapid Dry Hair Turban (PHOTO: AQUIS Facebook page)

After that, I spray the leave-in conditioner onto my damp hair which helps to hydrate and smooth hair with less frizz. It feels weightless, which is good, as I do not like heavy conditioners.

Overall, it is a really fast and easy process if one diligently follows through it.

AQUIS products are formulated without sulfates, parabens and phthalates. They are also gluten free, allergist tested, dermatologist tested and never tested on animals.

AQUIS Prime Hair Care launches in November 2019 at your nearest Sephora Singapore stores.


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