Tatyana Navka, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Masha Fedorova and others honored the memory of Alla Verber


Tatyana Navka, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Masha Fedorova and others honored the memory of Alla Verber

Tatyana Navka and Alla Verber

An evening in memory of Alla Verber was held at Barvikha Concert Hall. Fashion-director of TSUM and vice president of jewelry company Mercury not gone August 6th. She is suddenly passed away from infection while relaxing in Italy.

Last night marks exactly 30 days from the death of Alla Verber. Her friends and colleagues commemorated her according to Jewish tradition. Tatyana Navka, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Masha Fedorova, Alena Doletskaya and others also dedicated Instagram posts to her, where they shared their memories.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Today is the memory day of Alla Konstantinovna, the ceremony of the Azkar. She has not been with us for 30 days. Every year, my beloved Alla arranged New Year's eve dinners, where it was family warm. She always prepared for us a delicious table, mincemeat, pies, herring under a fur coat, homemade pickles, which we later happily finished at home … How scary to realize that this will not happen this year (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Note ed.)

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Alla Verber
Svetlana Bondarchuk and Alla Verber

Photos from Instagram by Alena Doletskaya

Dasha Veledeeva

Alla Konstantinovna, today is the day of your memory, but everyone who knew you will confirm – there has not been a single day since August 6, so that they don’t think about you. Thank you for you and bright memory.

Alla Verber
Photos from Instagram by Dasha Veledeeva

Ekaterina Odintsova

Beloved Alla @verberalla You are with us forever.

Video from Instagram by Ekaterina Odintsova

Masha Fedorova

Everlasting memory. And eternal love. We are happy that we knew her love and were near.

Alla Verber
Photos from Instagram by Masha Fedorova
Tatyana Navka

Fashion Angel Memorial Evening … Alla Verber. She, as a person, as a person, as a woman was the personification of style, dignity, fashion, impeccable taste and strength … Strength aimed at bringing beauty to our world !!! You are sorely missed, but you are in a better world and with the best! Bright memory!

<img height = "450" ​​width = "450" ​​src = "http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/olga/20191302-allaverber-4.jpg” alt=”Alla Verber and Victoria Shelyagova” title=”Alla Verber and Victoria Shelyagova”/>
Alla Verber and Victoria Shelyagova

Olga Slutsker

30 days without Alla Verber. All this month I recalled moments of life with Alla and me. We probably knew each other for about 27 years. It so happened that Alla and I became the first passionate propagandists in Russia, she is the world of fashion, fashion, luxury, and I am fitness and healthy lifestyle. This happened at one time, in the 90s, and we shoulder to shoulder, Alla was in the “trading house Moscow”, and I and World Class on Zhitnaya worked literally sutra until the night and gave all my energy to the success of an affair in which we endlessly believed. Obsession in work, professionalism, a clear understanding of what you want from your team, the rigidity necessary for achieving the result, respect for colleagues, confidence in the uniqueness and importance of the business you serve, gratitude and attentive attitude to customers, visionaryism and, of course, unusual female beauty and brightness The image is Alla Verber. And all these qualities were intertwined with a touching, reverent, very national, Jewishly gentle attitude to mother, daughter, granddaughters, household chores, and the ability to cook deliciously. Here we are talking with Alla in Milan about love and a broken heart, or on a plane to New York, she tells me that she wants to open in Moscow, then still packed with cooperative tents and raspberry jackets, a miracle store is not worse, but better Barney’s. We are in Paris at the Ritz at haute couture week. Katya persuades her mother to allow her student friends to hitchhike. I’m in the Kiki de Monparnasse store in NYC, Alla comes in. She came for chemotherapy, but that’s no reason to cancel negotiations with this brand. Olya, soon they will be at our Central Department Store. We are in Turkey and Alla talks about “doing a little sports” New Year's Eve, Alla almost cries, Katya and granddaughters arrive, and tickets for the Nutcracker can not be got! it's great that I had them and I gave them to her. She is glad that her famous cat eyes are filled with tears, and I am even more glad that Alla was able to help. Because usually Alla helped everyone and she fulfilled millions of various requests. Alla is our national pride, Russian and Jewish. Alla left us in peace and light. And we will be very bored and remember. I WANT TO SUGGEST THE MERCURY GROUP TO BE NAMED AFTER ALLA WERBER, THAT THEY WILL CONSIDER SUCCESSFUL TO HER.

Olga Slutsker and Alla Verber "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/olga/20191302-allaverber-5.jpg
Olga Slutsker and Alla Verber


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