Warriors’ Draymond Green plans on playing in 2020 Olympics


Draymond Green to the rescue.

The Warriors’ high energy dynamo is well aware that the U.S. men’s basketball team is currently going down for the count at the FIBA World Cup. Coming off back-to-back losses to France and Serbia, the U.S. team is down to its last game — Saturday against Poland in the seventh place tilt.

Thursday, during an appearance on CNBC’s “Power Money,” Green threw his basketball bona fides into the ring, announcing his candidacy for the USA men’s team that will compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

“I do hope to play,” Green said, “and I think a lot of the guys will want to play. The (FIBA World Cup) schedule this year was a little treacherous with the (NBA) games that were in  America, and also to travel to Australia. Which is why I think a lot of guys dropped out.”

Let’s be real here. No matter how kind the schedule-maker is, the cream of the U.S. basketball crop, having just exited the October-to-June NBA meat-grinder, is not going to be inclined to give up its summer vacation for anything less than the Olympics.

“It was a long ways to China,” Green continued, “and it leads right into the season. Those guys will be coming back in a couple days. We’ll be two weeks before training camp.”

Green won a gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 with Warriors teammates present (Klay Thompson), past (Harrison Barnes) and future (Kevin Durant).


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