Carmaney Wong doesn’t believe in Miss HK’s “Breakup Curse”


13 Sep – The newly-crowned Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong admitted that she is confident in her relationship with foreigner boyfriend Matej, and dismissed the supposed “Miss Hong Kong breakup curse” that has befallen the beauty queens before her.

As reported on On CC, the 26 year-old beauty, who admitted to be dating the Swiss native that the media has now nicknamed “Bootleg Thor”, stated that she has no qualms admitting to her romance as people will know about it sooner or later.

“He has a clean background. No problem. He works in marketing and not some second generation heir,” she said.

Carmaney also revealed that she met Matej while on a trip to Germany, and that her European boyfriend has since moved to Hong Kong to be with her.

As to whether she is worried that their relationship will be in trouble soon, as faced by many of the previous winners of Miss Hong Kong like Hera Chan and Louisa Mak, Carmaney said that Matej is very open and supportive of her involvement in Miss Hong Kong.

“We’re both mature adults, so I am sure he will understand. We’ve also been together for a few years now, so we’re very comfortable with each other,” she said.

(Photo Source: On CC)


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