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Felicity huffman

Sexual harassment scandals are not the only high-profile litigation in the Hollywood world. They made a lot of noise and accusationspresented to the star of the TV series Desperate Housewives Felicity Huffman. She and several other celebrities, including 54-year-old actress Lori Laughlin, were caught bribing to get their children in the best colleges in the country.

Huffman ultimately guilty recognized, and stated that she repents of her deed. Last night it became known that the court sentenced the actress. According to him, the actress received 14 days in prison and 250 hours of community service, in addition, she must pay a fine of 30,000. This is twice the bribe Felicity gave. To increase her daughter Sofia's certification grades, she paid $ 15,000. In addition, the Huffman year will be under the supervision of the relevant authorities.

Felicity huffmanFelicity huffman

In her speech in court, before the verdict was passed, Felicity, through tears, once again emphasized that she repents and deeply regrets her actions, which affected and her family.

I betrayed them

Huffman said briefly.

Despite rumors of a quarrel, Felicity's husband, William Macy, accompanied her at the meeting.

Felicity Huffman and William MacyFelicity Huffman and William Macy

In court, she also remembered how difficult the day was for her when her daughter found out about everything.

Sophia told me: “I don’t recognize you, mother. Why don’t you believe in me? Why don’t you believe that I can handle it myself?”

– admitted Felicity.

The actress became the first celebrity among those convicted in a high-profile criminal case, using which Hollywood stars and successful businessmen tried to arrange their children in prestigious educational institutions. Stanford sailing trainer John Vandemur was sentenced to two years earlier conditionally (at that time he will be under supervision). In total, about 50 people are involved in the case.

Felicity Huffman and William Macy

Attorney Eric Rosen insisted that Huffman should be held accountable for her actions, despite the fact that she claimed to have taken such a step because of a desperate desire to help her daughter.

With all due respect to the defendant, welcome to the world of parental responsibilities. There are no operating instructions. Being a parent is tiring and stressful, but this is what every parent goes through,

He emphasized.

Felicity huffman

Huffman's lawyer Martin Murphy believes that his ward was sentenced to a harsh sentence.

Prison is a great leveler. If we respect the rule of law, then we should not treat the accused differently because of their status or financial capabilities,

– the prosecutor retorted.

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