Great Lakes Dyslexia’s annual 5K walk set for Sept. 21


Take a moment and imagine how your life would be if you could not read. In all that you do, you would be missing out on opportunities that foster creative growth and thinking. If you could not read, your innate curiosity would turn to frustration and anger, which is not a good combination of feelings.

Children born with a neurological disorder called dyslexia struggle with these feelings every day. Through no fault of their own, they are faced with reading and writing roadblocks that can seem insurmountable. The Children’s Dyslexia Center, Great Lakes Bay Region, has a 92.4% success rate in bringing children diagnosed with dyslexia to meet or exceed their proper reading grade level within two years.

On Sept. 21, the group is walking to raise money to help children diagnosed with dyslexia learn to read. Dyslexia is not a disease to have and to be cured of but a way of thinking and learning. The center offers one-on-one professional tutoring to children. These services are offered free of charge to these families, which come from multiple counties surrounding the center.

Readers are invited to lace up your sneakers and take part in the “Annual 5K Walk for Dyslexia.” All proceeds go directly to the Children’s Dyslexia Center, Great Lakes Bay Region.

For more information, call 989-893-3700. Registration is $20 and can be completed online at, or onsite at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21. The walk will take place at 10 a.m. at the Scottish Rite Center, 614 Center Ave., Bay City.


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