Khyeli SS20 presented to crowds at London Fashion Week 2019


LONDON – Emirati designer Ahmed Khyeli presented his Spring Summer 2020 collection, ‘The Age of Innocence’ to crowds at London Fashion Week on Friday (13 September).

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, the London-based designer said the whole collection was about “growing up, from the time you were born, you have dreams, hopes and you’re untouched by the world but later on in time, you’re layered with ideas that were instilled by society, even by people who love you because of the way we were programmed. We see all of that in the layers, embedded in the crystals to symbolise your inner light and glow. There are also dresses, which you can think of them as ‘dark angels’ because when you hit puberty, that’s when you first face your inner demons and you’re fighting the system. You can see that with the embellished snake wrapped around the collar of a dress.”


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LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 13: Models backstage at the Khyeli show during London Fashion Week September 2019 at the Khyeli Showroom on September 13, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/BFC/Getty Images for BFC)

When asked if he has a muse as his inspiration, Ahmed calls on his close friends as his muses, stating that he loves strong, opinionated women who are effortless, and not trying too hard. “I love a beautiful, big gown on a woman. The wearer needs to be the one who draws the attention,” Ahmed added. His designs have been worn by fans like Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Kiki Layne.

While there are no presence of the Khyeli brand in Singapore yet, Ahmed said he’s in discussions with a few parties: “We are still being discovered by fans in the region; we are quiet with our work as I rather have people stumble upon our work, where they would feel something special, the exposure to something luxurious. That’s how our clients have grown around us.”

His Spring Summer 2020 collection appears to be almost nymph-like, using fabric that’s earthy neutral tones. Sequinned nude dresses draws out sensuality and grace, while tulle gowns command fearlessness. With a gentle choir music playing in the background, and a model gently stirring notes on a violin, it was almost like watching a large painting come to life.


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