Media: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor


Media: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Today, a number of Russian media reported a terrible diagnosis of 48-year-old Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Insiders claim that the star of the series "My Fair Nanny" is sick with cancer – doctors diagnosed her with a malignant brain tumor.

According to sources, now Anastasia is in intensive care in serious condition in one of the capital's clinics. It is also reported that she has been diagnosed with the last stage of cancer. It is also said that the actress began cerebral edema. According to the REN TV channel, now doctors are holding a consultation to decide whether surgery is possible. Near Zavorotnyuk all this time is the 48-year-old husband Peter Chernyshev.

Anastasia ZavorotnyukAnastasia Zavorotnyuk

According to rumors, Anastasia and Peter learned about the terrible diagnosis shortly after birth Mila's daughters in October last year. It was rumored that the IVF procedure helped to get pregnant Zavorotnyuk – it is possible that it was she who provoked the disease.

By the way, almost immediately after giving birth about a malignant brain tumor also learned Zhanna Friske and the first wife Konstantin Khabensky Anastasia Both of them could not defeat the disease.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev with daughter MilaAnastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev with daughter Mila

Family members of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk have not yet commented on the news of her serious condition. Journalists managed to contact the director of the actress Marina Potapova – she did not confirm the rumors, but did not refute them either.

You know that I will answer

– said Potapova.

At the same time, concert director Zavorotnyuk Stas Khrisov said that in correspondence with him Anastasia called all the conversations about her terrible diagnosis "delirium":

I received a message from Anastasia in response to the publication that I sent her. She replied: "Delirium. Leave me alone."

Recall that, in addition to the youngest daughter Mila, who was married to Peter Chernyshev, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk also has two children from a previous relationship: 23-year-old Anna and 19-year-old Michael.

First the news blogger olmen shared with SPLETNIK.RU.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter ChernyshevAnastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev


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