Russian beauties in Paris: the most famous emigrant models of the 30s


Russian beauties in Paris: the most famous emigrant models of the 30s

Natalya Paley

After the 1917 revolution, many representatives of the nobility and those who did not agree with the policy of the Bolsheviks had to leave Russia in a hurry. Not all destinies have developed successfully abroad – the Russian emigration of the first wave is not in vain considered one of the dramatic moments of our history. Many of those who left settled in Paris – and there Russian women made a splash.

Their beauty drove the designers and directors crazy: yesterday's noblewomen made their debuts as fashion models and actresses and became real stars of that era – SPLETNIK.RU offers to get to know some of them.

Natalya Paley

Natalya Pavlovna Paley (in the West she is known as Natalie Paley) was the granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II. She was born in Paris in 1905, but then returned to Russia. However, not for long. In 1920, she left Russia with her mother and sister – by that time her father, Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich and brother Prince Vladimir Paley had already been shot by the Bolsheviks. In Paris, Natalia quickly became a model, starring including for Vogue.

Natalya PaleyNatalya Paley

The first husband of the Russian beauty was fashion designer Lucien Lelong. By the way, he created in her honor the enchanting fragrance Le N. But the marriage did not last long (officially it lasted ten years, but the relationship ended earlier). In her life there were novels with the most famous representatives of that era, including Jean Cocteau, Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Erich Maria Remarque – relations with the Russian princess inspired the German writer to write the novel "Shadows in Paradise."

In 1933, Paley moved to the United States, where she tried herself as an actress and starred in several films, where her partners were Maurice Chevalier, Charles Buyer, Carey Grant and Katherine Hepburn.

Zhenya de Castex

Viscountess Zhenya de Castex (nee Evgenia Gorlenko) – she gained a high title thanks to a successful marriage with the Spanish ambassador. Fashion designers adored Zhenya – it seems that she was a born model and knew how to present dresses so that it was impossible not to succumb to the charm and, of course, the desire to purchase dresses to look just as amazing.

Oia Ge

Iya Grigoryevna Ge (also known as Lady Abdi) was married to a very wealthy aristocrat – the baronet Sir Robert Henry Edward Abdi, who left her a good fortune after the divorce. Oia was a muse and a source of inspiration for many poets and artists – her portrait was even exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Born in Slavyansk, Iya became one of the most famous models of the 30s and collaborated with fashion houses such as Paul Poiret and Chanel, and also starred for Vogue.

Lyudmila Fedoseeva

Lyudmila (later she became known by the abridged version of her name – Lyud) Fedoseyeva emigrated from Russia, captured by the revolution, as a small child. In Paris, the girl did not even think about the career of a model, enrolling in the literary department of the university, and in her spare time worked as a statistician.

Lyudmila FedoseevaLyudmila Fedoseeva

One of the photographers, working with Vogue, was completely fascinated by her and invited her to pose for the magazine on an ongoing basis. It is noteworthy that the owner of the publication Conde Nast at first did not find the girl pretty, but the first glance turned out to be erroneous. As a result, like many, the publisher was fascinated by it, and Fedoseyeva herself became almost the most famous model of the 30s and a standard of beauty.

Mary Eristavi

Princess Mary Eristavi (n̩e Shervashidze) emigrated to Paris in 1921 with her sisters, mother and husband, Prince George Eristavi. In Russia, she occupied a rather high position Рshe was a court lady of the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. In Paris, Mary became the model of Coco Chanel. The whole family went into fashion business РEristavi opened their own studio in the French capital.

Thea Bobrikova

Thea Bobrikova is another fashion star of the 30s. At the same time, she made a career not only as a model, but also as a fashion designer. After working as a fashion model in the Lanvin fashion house and acquiring the necessary connections in the industry, Thea opened her own atelier Katrin Parel – the collections, of course, did not compete with Parisian brands, but had some success. For cooperation, Bobrikova invited her compatriots, including Lyuda Fedoseyev.

Thea BobrikovaThea Bobrikova


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