Star daughter and Hollywood composer: what we know about Anna Drubich


Star daughter and Hollywood composer: what we know about Anna Drubich

Anna Drubich

Children from the families of famous filmmakers often choose the acting profession, but this is not about Anna Drubich: the daughter of director Sergei Solovyov and actress Tatyana Drubich always preferred to remain behind the scenes. Although her work is directly related to the world of cinema: 35-year-old Anna is a composer who writes music for films (including Valery Todorovsky, who has just come out for hire in Odessa). We learned the main thing about the life and work of Anna.


Anna Drubich was born in Moscow. When her parents divorced, she was five years old. The girl remained with her mother, but continued to communicate with her father: Anna says that her parents managed to maintain friendly relations after the separation. Drubich has an Instagram page and now has a lot of family shots with star dad and mom.

Anna Drubich with father Sergey Soloviev
Anna Drubich with father Sergey SolovievTatyana Drubich, Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich
Tatyana Drubich, Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich

Anya began to study music in childhood: at the age of 8 she began to play the piano, at 12 she performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater as part of a symphony orchestra. At 14, she entered the Moscow State College of Musical Performance. Chopin.
Anna Drubich
Anna Drubich

In an interview with the newspaper Trud, Drubich explains:

She began to learn music for general development, but she quickly got carried away, and her abilities showed up. When I decided to choose this path seriously, my mother was worried, she really wanted me to go along the medical line.

It is interesting that Anna's mother Tatyana Drubich, already becoming a famous actress, entered the medical institute, and after graduating she worked as a doctor in a clinic, sometimes simultaneously acting in films.

Tatyana Drubich in the movie "Assa"
Tatyana Drubich in the movie "Assa"Dad has a huge collection of vinyl, there are records of the best orchestras, all the symphonies of Beethoven, Brahms, it always stood in sight and sounded. Mom also loves classics. She is my main critic

– Anna said in the same interview.

Tatyana Drubich, Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich
Tatyana Drubich, Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich

Study abroad

Anna's musical talent became apparent: at a young age she began to tour and win awards. Among them – the first place at the Moscow Competition. Beethoven, Mozart’s award at the Bremen National Piano Competition, she also received scholarships from the Spivakov Foundation and the Krainev Foundation.

The girl entered the Munich Higher School of Music and Theater, where she studied piano and composition. While Anna lived in Germany, she managed to get a grant for writing music for cartoons – according to the composer, this is even more difficult than creating soundtracks for films.

Anna Drubich and Thomas Newman
Anna Drubich and Thomas Newman

Anna Drubich

In 2012, Drubich graduated from the prestigious compositional program for film and television at the University of Young California.

I studied performing arts in Munich, played the piano. And so I began to watch, where they are taught to professionally write music for films. I found out that nowhere in Russia. And in Los Angeles they are very taught. I went to Los Angeles and began to study. I really did not like this city. So much so that I ran away from there, returned to Germany, entered the faculty of film music there, studied for four years, realizing during this time that all roads still lead to Los Angeles,

– says Anna.

Anna Drubich

Parental influence

In an interview for Radio Liberty, Anna said that the notoriety of her parents at the same time helped, and prevented her from building a career:

I am a happy and lucky person. I was born to such people. But this has another side. Why do not I live in Russia? Because from a very young age, when I just started to study the piano, I always heard one phrase: "Well, everything is clear with her – daughter Drubich and Solovyova." All my successes, all my concerts in the Great Hall of the Conservatory were explained by my parents. I have been running from this all my life. At 17, she left alone to live in Germany, where no one knew who Drubich and Soloviev were. I myself acted everywhere, I myself received grants and prizes. Outside of Russia, all this is easier for me. Because in Russia, no matter what happens to me, I will hear this phrase again and again: "Well, everything is clear with her – daughter Drubich and Solovyova."

Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich
Sergey Soloviev and Anna Drubich

Of course, thanks to her parents, Anna met a lot of not the last people in the film industry. And not only Russian: for example, in her Instagram you can find an archive photo from Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford: as it turned out, the actor is a longtime friend of Solovyov.

Richard Gere, Sergey Solovyov, Anna Drubich and Cindy Crawford
Richard Gere, Sergey Solovyov, Anna Drubich and Cindy CrawfordRichard Gere, Anna Drubich and Cindy Crawford
Richard Gere, Anna Drubich and Cindy Crawford

But the most important musician of my father’s friends who really influenced my life is Isaac Schwartz. When at the age of 17 I started doing film music, my dad sent me to St. Petersburg to Siverskaya, to his house where I spent the summer, he studied with me, we listened and analyzed the classics. In fact, this is where my composer training began,

– says Anna. According to her, the best wisdom that Schwartz shared with her was:

Anya, there is no cinematic music. There is music or its absence.

Drubich also visited the camera: she played episodic roles in her father’s four films: Black Rose – Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose – Emblem of Love, House under the Starry Sky, Three Sisters and 2-Assa-2.

Dad generally likes to take close people. Following Fellini believes that they are more organic. Remember, Federico wrote that you need to shoot those you love – wives, children, lovers,

– says Anna.

Anna Drubich and Sergey Soloviev

Film music

The first film for which Drubich wrote music was the 2002 film "On Love." The tape was removed by her father. For this work, Anna, together with composer Andrei Golovin, received the Kinotavr prize in the nomination For Best Music. Anna was then only 18 years old.

In the same period, Soloviev worked on the film "Anna Karenina" and asked her daughter to participate in the creation of music for this project. Drubich says:

Daddy's help was tremendous. But she was completely random. As far as I can remember, I always composed music. Once I was strumming a piano, dad was finishing work on the film "On Love". He heard me strumming, and said: “Look, how great, I just need something like that for the movie. Can you come to Mosfilm tomorrow? I’ll put some pieces of the film on you, and you’ll have a little lunch.” And so it happened. Then he beat me up to write music for "Anna Karenina", quite for himself for selfish reasons. All the composers with whom he then wanted to work, asked for large advances. And so he needed to shoot the ball scene, he needed a waltz! Composers were breaking fees, without a contract they did not undertake to write music. My father came to me angry: “Listen, you’re my musician. You play Chopin. Write me a waltz, eh? What do you want? We need a light waltz, Chopin, unconstrainedly turning into Prokofiev. Well, something like one or two- three, one, two, three. " Of course, I twisted my finger at the temple, but I wrote the waltz.

Anna Drubich

Now Anna has already counted more than 30 films where her music sounds. Of the latest high-profile premieres – "Odessa" Valeria Todorovsky, "Plant" by Yuri Bykov, "Scary Stories for a Tale in the Dark" – a production project by Guillermo del Toro.

Andre Ovredal, Anna Drubich and Guillermo del Toro
Andre Ovredal, Anna Drubich and Guillermo del ToroWell, to be honest, today one of my dreams has come true (and I actually do not have so many). My closest and most beloved ones went to the cinema closest to the house to watch a beautiful (well, what’s there, a "Hollywood") picture with my music,

– Anna signed the photo from the screening of "Scary Stories", where she visited with her mother Tatyana Drubich, her friend – actress Maria Mashkova – and other relatives.

Tatyana Drubich (second from left), Anna Drubich with her daughter, Maria Mashkova
Tatyana Drubich (second from left), Anna Drubich with her daughter, Maria Mashkova

In an interview for Radio Liberty, Anna said that while studying in Los Angeles she met with the famous Hollywood composer Marco Beltrami. Among his works – music for the films "I, Robot" (I, Robot), "Train on Yuma" (3:10 to Yuma), for the acclaimed "Matilda" and many other film projects:

He liked my music. And he invited me to work in his team. Now we are writing music for blockbusters, TV shows. In addition, I have my own independent projects: cinema, animation, I write a lot of music for Russia as well.

In addition, among the most famous projects to which Anna wrote soundtracks are Anna Melikyan's film Zvezda, the series Red Bracelets, Garden Ring, Optimists, Raven with Lisa Boyarskaya.

Life in Los Angeles

In recent years, Anna lives in Los Angeles, gives concerts and works on music for film projects – both Russian and foreign.

She is married, she has two daughters. Spouse Drubich – world-famous cellist Eugene Tonha.

Anna Drubich and Eugene Tonha
Anna Drubich and Eugene TonhaEugene Tonha with daughter
Eugene Tonha with daughter

Anna Drubich and Eugene Tonha
Anna says:

In my works, in general, the cello plays a special role. We made friends with Zhenya when he asked me to write something for him. Interesting: we both lived in Germany then – I studied in Munich, he is in Berlin. But we met in Moscow at the wonderful festival “Return”, which has been taking place on New Year's days for many years: musicians who once left our country to study or work abroad return to congratulate their relatives, see their friends, and take a breath of Moscow air.

Anna Drubich with daughters
Anna Drubich with daughters

According to Drubich, moving to the USA was a “joint decision”:

Initially, maybe it was coming from me, but now Zhenya settled in Los Angeles even more seriously than me. He has a big concert series, a festival here. But I can not guarantee that we will live here the rest of our lives. It connects a lot with Russia, and orders come from other places. After all, today you can live anywhere in the world, performing work remotely,

She said in an interview in 2016.

Anna Drubich with her daughterAnna Drubich with her daughter

Tatyana Drubich and Anna Drubich with her daughter
Tatyana Drubich and Anna Drubich with her daughter

In addition to soundtracks, Anna writes concert music: her works are performed by participants in prestigious competitions in different countries, and among those with whom she managed to work, there are celebrities such as Yuri Bashmet and Valery Gergiev.

As a result of everything, I feel like not only a film composer. In a movie, especially in a commercial one, you can degrade very quickly: composed three chords for the mood – so, here we have love, there we have carrots with lyrical sadness – and that’s all. And then it’s hard not to lose your mind. I write concert music. I hope to come to a large symphonic form,

– Anna said in an interview for the Snob project several years ago.


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