Unior Tools Announces New 2020 Products Including An Electric Repair Stand & Heavy-Duty Tool Chest



We continue our march in the professional workshop area, with smart and high-end solutions for the most demanding professional and home mechanics.

The Most Advanced Electric Repair Stand. Ever.

We have launched Electric Repair Stand 1693EL – designed and developed for technicians to work smarter, not harder. Lift the bicycle – even a heavier e-bike – with a simple push of a button and elevate your workshop to the next level.

The stand is constructed around a heavy-duty main column, which gives a great stability and at the same time conceals all of the wiring, so there´s nothing in the way when working on a bike. It’s strong enough to lift even the heaviest bicycles to the desired height with ease, so the bicycle is always in the most ergonomic position to work on. The 1693EL Electric Repair Stand is not just powerful, but also smart. It features endless height adjust, but it can also lift or descend a bike automatically with a push of a button. It also stops on its own when bike reaches the ground. Thanks to the travel adjust limiters you can limit its travel so it always stops at the desired height. A built in safety system keeps the technician and the bicycle on the stand safe and makes sure nothing goes wrong.


When only the strongest and the most robust is good enough, the time comes for our Heavy-Duty Tool Chest 991HD. It will hold the heaviest of tools and parts with ease, in fact it’s so strong that an average adult man can stand on the open drawer. He can even invite a friend to “stand-on-a-drawer-party”!

991HD tool chest offers maximum possible capacity for workshops where you want to keep a lot of heavier tools/parts in compact space. It was designed in cooperation with the leading bicycle manufacturer and thoroughly tested in real life situations.

Two smaller drawers can hold up to 90 kg each, each of the four bigger ones can hold twice as much! That means total capacity of 900 kilograms and total volume of 522 liters! Perfect for production line or busy workshop – real life scenario even showed that you can fit approximately 5-6 meters worth of parts on the shelves in just one of these chests. It’s most useful for wear & tear parts like chains, sprockets, brake pads, tubes, bearings, cables, housings, small bits, etc.

100% extension drawers slide on the high quality ball bearing slides and are equipped with central locking system. They even feature innovative safety system that allows only for one drawer to be opened at once, which prevents chest from tipping over.

Heavy-Duty Tool Chest 991HD is made out of premium PLUS sheet metal and is painted with eco friendly colors of Qualicoat quality standard. Drawers can be customized with partitions and dividers according to your needs; dividers have a dedicated easy to see area for decals and bar codes, so you can quickly organize and find parts.


We are introducing new offers in 990 series workbenches, now with more storage & work options and integrated power plugs. Workbenches of the highest quality are ready for the most demanding mechanics out there and will last for years & years. This claim is backed by our lifetime warranty and made possible with the use of premium sheet metal, top quality ball bearings for drawers, wooden bench top & other top materials.

Two meters wide module gives you lot’s of space on the bench top, while all the tools will be stored in the wide tool chest with 6 drawers and on the holders on the metal wall. Module also has two top cabinets with enough storage capacity for everything you need at hand and holder for paper towels. There is even a holder for laptop, so you can have all the specifications, instructions & video tutorials at hand.

Model 990MA18 is 1,5 meters wide, but packs lots of features in the small space. The most interesting part is happening under the bench top where you find tool case, big cabinet, paper towel holder, two pull-out garbage containers (one accessible via flap doors) and power reels with return spring. One with air hose, one with electric cable, so you’ll easily work with your power tools and/or charge the ebike while doing maintenance work on it.


Our Tool Wrap is a great solution for the cyclist looking for a compact tool storage solution. Whether it’s the modern bikepacker or a more demanding user such as a XC or CX mechanic, the compact bag is light and stores easily in a backpack or car.

The tool wrap is available in Pro and Home versions, with both of them available as a roll only or in the set with a selection of our premium tools. The difference between the versions is in the size and number of tools that you can store.

Main features:
– Aluminum eyelets for hanging the roll from a car head-rest
– Strong Velcro® straps for secure closing.
– Side pockets with full-length closure for small parts or additional tools.
– Additional elastic straps for even more tools.
– Made from coated PU material, waterproof and oil resistant.
– You can fit a mini pump in there as well.


You will love the next innovative tool that earned the Genie moniker. Hanger Genie is the rear derailleur hanger alignment tool that works with virtually any bicycle, regardless of the wheel size.
If the hanger is bend just slightly the effect on the shifting can be great, and setting the precise shifting almost impossible. Hanger Genie will help you with the alignment, and you will not need to improvise any more.

It’s compatible with all wheel sizes from 20″ to 29″ + and screws directly into rear derailleur hanger threads. Precise measuring gauge can be locked in place, so you don´t lose you measurement when you push it against the wheel in different positions. Thanks to rotating bottom part of the tool, you can easily clear the frame when you work your way around the wheel.

Hanger Genie is foldable and comes in a nice tool tray, that will fit in your 970PROKIT.


Advanced chain tool that works with all derailleur chains from 6–12-speed, is compatible with SRAM AXS chain and works with 1/8˝single speed chains. It also supports Campagnolo’s 11- and 12-speed chain peening.

The tool comes with three different interchangeable chain supports; preinstalled is a single link support, available are also a wider double link chain support for extra grip on the chain and a dedicated SRAM AXS chain support. Hidden compartment at the in body of the tool features an additional replacement chain pin.
Machined body & precisely made spindle threads guarantee smoothness and ease of use. One tool to rule them all!


T47 double-sided bottom bracket socket is the latest edition to our popular BB range and features 16- and 12-notch interface with exchangeable adapter to cover all different T47 bottom bracket standards.


Our straight pull spoke holder is your ultimate solution for holding round straight pull spokes while building or truing wheels. Pliers feature ergonomic handles and smart spoke-locking mechanism, which enables firm grip during building or truing. A must for every professional mechanic!


The repair stand that holds bikes of champions! Pro Road Repair Stand with plate is a sophisticated product, developed in cooperation with some of the best World Tour mechanics; just in case if you don’t know – we are the official tool partner of Team Ineos, Movistar Team, Deceuninck – Quick – Step & Trek – Segafredo.

Version with steel plate is upgrade from our Pro Road Repair Stand with foldable legs and offers even greater stability. It’s perfect for work on road bikes, but also designed for other types/shapes of bikes (also mountain bikes) that are not fully compatible with the standard clamping system. It’s made out of strong aluminum and steel parts, which makes is usable for shop use as well.
Stand clamps the front axle, with optional through axle adapter (art. 1693R.2) it also works with bikes that have through axles.

Read all about our new Bike Tools products here: www.unior-bike.com

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2019 is special year for us since the company was founded in 1919. For more info on our history, check the Unior100 website: https://www.unior100.com and see our production presentation video:


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