Venezuela unveils Bitcoin {BTC} ATM as demands surges; take a look at the top BCH developers


Venezuela is reeling from effects brought about by hyperinflation. This has led to thousands of citizens losing faith in the banking system as well as Nicolas Maduro. In San Antonio del Táchira, PandaBTM has been successful in inaugurating the very first crypto ATM.

If you head to the Viajes e Inversiones HC store, you’d be able to locate the machine with ease. For now, the ATM has installed support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as DASH [these are the top 3 cryptocurrencies in most regions within Latin America].

Cryptobuyer was planning to set-up an ATM machine in Caracas, however, this arrangement hasn’t been fruitful. Prior to this, Venezuelans had to journey all the way to Columbia [a nation which has the maximum number of ATMs in South America].

According to the data linked to the BCH/USD chart on tradingview, the asset may be on the verge of dipping furthermore. Support lies near $271.56 and resistance may influence the altcoin’s pace at $313.2. The daily RSI is at 47.15, and the MACD line has remained above the signal line for 10 days. While this can be construed as good news, fresh buyers are needed to propel the coin forward.

Bitcoin Cash is positioned at #4 in the market behind Ethereum and XRP. The trading volume recorded rests at $1.199 billion for now, whereas the supply has 18,002,188 BCH coins in play. As of this instant, the total market cap of Bitcoin Cash is $5.364 billion. BCH is priced at $298.01 after a drop rate of 0.19% impacted the asset in the course of the past 24-hours.


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