Video of the day: in memory of Alla Verber




Video of the day: in memory of Alla Verber

Alla Verber

Alla Verber passed away 40 days ago – news of a sudden demise TSUM's fashion directors become real shock not only for relatives and friends of Verber, but also for the entire fashion world. Alla Verber died at the 62nd year of her life, she died during her vacation in Italy. As it later became known, the cause of death was meningococcal sepsis. The doctors of the clinic where she was hospitalized, alas, turned out to be powerless – weakened immunity did not allow Verber to fight the infection.

The other day at Barvikha Concert Hall was held evening of memory Alla Verber – friends and relatives remembered her according to Jewish tradition, and also dedicated her posts on their Instagram.

Today in our video of the day we recall one of the most iconic people in the Russian (and not only) world of fashion, a loving mother, grandmother, faithful friend, successful businesswoman and just a beautiful woman – Alla Konstantinovna Verber.

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