Wanted: Byredo Graduation Slow Dance fragrance


Wanted: Byredo Graduation Slow Dance fragrance

In the Wanted section, we share new products from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today in our wishlist is the fragrance Slow Dance, which is inspired by the dance at the prom, from the Swedish brand Byredo.

We have not had time to enjoy the fragrance Sundazed, released in April, when the Swedish brand Byredo introduced another new product. Slow Dance is an “ode to a clumsy school year,” as Hypebae journalist Thora Northman christened her. The fragrance is inspired by the dance at the prom, which means so much to girls and young people.

In the new perfume composition, the contrast of feminine and masculine, bitterness and sweetness, as well as the intoxicating combination of warm skin aroma,

– so describes its creator of the selective perfume brand Byredo Ben Gorham.

Slow Dance is, of course, not hip-hop and not bachata, but a waltz. The aroma is gradually revealed with notes of opopanax (or sweet myrrh), geranium and violet. Only a couple of minutes later, sweet vanilla leaves the dance floor. The aroma is fresh, but with bright notes of violets and patchouli, which makes Slow Dance the perfect perfume for a cool autumn. Traditional ingredients, in particular resins and balms, give stability and sensuality, and the labdanum in the heart enhances the creamy base of the composition.

Minimalism, traditional for Northern Europe, is also felt in the design of the bottles – these are simple, strict bottles with a white label and a black cap. So, according to creative designer Ben Gorham, packaging does not distract from the content.

Hand creams and haze for hair were paired with the fragrance. The cost of a 100 ml bottle is 19,950 rubles, a volume of 50 ml – 13,700 rubles.


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