What Material Should I Use For My Kitchen Countertop?


There are a number of materials your hardworking kitchen structure can be outfitted with: laminates, KompacPlus, engineered quartz, solid surfaces, wood and natural stone. But which is the one for you? Before you smaking a decision, here’s what you’ll need to know about these 6 types of surfaces that are commonly used.

1. Laminates

Made from several layers of kraft paper boards and melamine resin, Laminates are a budget-friendly option that are not just able to help you achieve the look of natural materials, such as wood and marble, this countertop material can also hold up well to accidental spills and stains because of its solid, non-porous nature.

Interior Designer: Prozfile

Maintenance is also easy and straightforward – warm water, soap and a gentle wipe down is all you’ll need.

While durable, be sure to avoid these two common kitchen dangers: direct impact from sharp objects (knives, scissors, etc.) and prolonged contact with hot cookware, which can result in chipping and melting respectively.

Get a laminate countertop if…

You want a pocket-friendly option that’s  hygienic and versatile, style-wise.

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2. KompacPlus

Touted as “an alternative to conventional kitchen countertop surfaces”, KompacPlus (or KompacTop) is a durable material that’s simple to install.

Architect: FOMA Architects

Even if you already have an existing countertop finishing, with KompacPlus, you can simply mount it over your current counter without having to hack it. Fire-resistant and fully waterproof, this versatile material can even be installed on your floor, walls and furniture.

Get a KompacPlus countertop if…

You want minimum fuss, with maximum flexibility.

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3. Engineered Quartz

While Quartz is a naturally-occurring mineral best described as being very solid (it rates 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, with diamond being the hardest at 10), don’t mistake it for its engineered counterpart, which offers much more than just a firm surface.

Interior Designer: LS2 Design & Construction

Countertops made of engineered quartz are manufactured by mixing crushed natural quartz with polymer resin – a highly durable combination that comes in a wide range of colours.

Their greatest advantage over their natural counterparts is their non-porous quality, which means no stains or bacterial growth from water exposure.

Interior Designer: Blackjack Interior

Of course, quality comes at a price. Engineered stone surfaces are usually pricier, but they definitely offer great value when it comes to style and performance.

Get an engineered quartz countertop if…

You have sufficient budget and want a tough, maintenance-free, natural stone lookalike.

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4. Natural Stone (Granite, Marble)

We’ve already established that it’s possible to closely mimic look and feel of natural stone using engineered quartz, so why would any one consider getting a granite or marble countertop? For one, countertops made from these natural stones are eco-friendly – perfect for the environmentally conscious.

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Staining can be solved by enlisting the help of a professional installer to have it sealed, or by purchasing a pre-sealed slab, ensuring that your counter retains its gorgeous sheen.

Get a natural stone countertop if…

You want the real deal and don’t mind routine maintenance.

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5. Solid Surface

As their name implies, these countertops are made of a thick layer of synthetic acrylic, making it non-porous, germ-resistant and a greta option for those who want something that doesn’t require maintenance.

Interior Designer: Aiden T

In the style department, solid surface counters don’t disappoint. Prefer a single block of colour over the look of natural stone (although such options are available too)? Then look no further, this material’s the right one for you.

And while they aren’t the toughest material, they are perhaps the easiest to repair. Scratches and burns on solid surface tops can be easily scrubbed or sanded away for an almost brand-new look.

Get a solid surface countertop if…

You have young children, pets, or just accident-prone.

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6. Wood (Butcherblock)

Just like quartz and marble tabletops, wooden or butcherblock counters (named for their use in butcheries) share the same weakness of porous layers. Again, a non-toxic sealant can prevent water seepage – an important aspect of care that you should never forget!

Interior Designer:The Local INN.terior

The real beauty of having a countertop made from non-artificial materials is that it’ll be truly unique; almost no two pieces of wood (or natural stone) have the same pattern, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Get a wooden countertop if…

You like the warmth of real wood.

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