13 Built-Ins Different from Your Usual Carpentry


Built-ins are very popular among Singaporeans. They don’t take up much space, double up as design elements and are built to last for years. In particular, platform beds and walk-in wardrobes are two overdone solutions for smart storage. 

If you’re looking for something clever (and different), why not consider these 13 alternatives instead.

Storage built-ins – be it house-shaped cabinets or modular, pegboard set-ups – when done creatively, double as eye-catching feature pieces that help anchor a living space.

Add that chill, café like atmosphere without taking up much space. With just a single slab for propping up a countertop plus some chairs, a narrow corner can be transformed into a mini study / dining area of sorts.

Interior Designer: Sky Creation Asia

3. Recessed Seating Booths

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studio

Recessed seat booths bring a hint of privacy and cosiness, plus massive areas for concealed storage – under-seat cabinets, drawers and shelves on its surrounding walls – the possibilities are endless!

Interior Designer: Authors Interior & Styling

4. Custom Bed Frames

Interior Designer: 82

A propped-up bed frame offers the same (and more) storage than a platform bed. How about having built-in shelving, extendable end tables, and even pull out drawers underneath?

Interior Designer: Prozfile Design

5. Archway Shelves and Cabinets

Interior Designer: AkiHAUS

Do something with all that empty, concrete wall space surrounding walkways / archways. Equip them with built-in cabinets all around to maximize storage. Or build an open shelving unit, just like this project below.

Interior Designer: Elements ID

6. Drop-Down Kitchen Shelving

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

This kitchen has an additional drop-down glass shelf for placing cooking essentials and ingredients in place of backsplashes to help free up countertop space – what’s not to like?

7. Sliding Bookshelves

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Consider a double-layered, sliding bookshelf unit if you have a ton of books to display. They can be moved to conceal other items when not in use (like your TVs), and when filled, they work as a colourful, show-stopping feature too.

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

8. Horigotatsu-Style Seating

Interior Designer: Asolidplan

Horigotatsu-style seating is a multi-functional platform with a recessed floor. In it houses a table which can be pulled up during use, or stowed away into the platform, instantly opening up the space for more walking room.

Interior Designer: Ascenders Design Studio

9. Built-In Seating

Interior Designer: The Monocot Studio

Invest in multi-purpose custom made seating pieces that not only save space, but help to add some too – through concealed shelving and storage compartments.

Interior Designer: Artmuse Interior

10. Rotating TV Consoles

Interior Designer: Flipside Design

Save on another TV unit and console with a swiveling TV frame that can be toggled back and forth between your two favourite spaces to be a couch potato – the living room and the bedroom.

11. Movable Walls

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

Providing a little more flexibility without going full-on open concept, full-length sliding door panels work like ‘movable’ walls that can be rolled out to enclose certain spaces, or kept away for more room.

Interior Designer: The Design Abode

12. Platform Study

Interior Designer: Authors Interior & Styling

A spin-off from platform beds, study platforms allow you to sit, lie or settle down however you like to get work done. Incorporate a cubby, a corkboard and a pull-out drawer underneath to store your files for maximum productivity.

13. Murphy Beds

Interior Designer: Space Atelier

Murphy beds can be kept to the walls, letting you do so much more with its base (aka wall panel when propped up); the legs can double as shelves, or even a TV console unit if you’re ambitious enough.

Interior Designer: Habit

Want more clever built-in solutions?

Inspired by those ingenious designs you’ve seen above? That’s what an experienced interior designer can do for your home – and more. Get free quotes from up to 5 reliable interior firms, based on your budget and style.

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