Boy sent out of lessons for incorrect school shoes


A mother has criticised her son’s school after they sent him out of lessons for wearing “incorrect” footwear.

Nicki Mawby, 35, from Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, is currently in a row over her son Tyler Hickin’s black Vans, which apparently breach the school’s uniform policy.

Hickin’s school, Sir Harry Smith Community College, asks students to wear black shoes without brands or logos as part of their uniform guidelines.

Hickin, whose black Old Skool Vans have a red logo on each heel, was found to be in breach of the rules, and removed from lessons.

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“They put him in the behavioural support unit and said until he changed his footwear he won’t be allowed back into lessons,” Mawby explained. “And if he didn’t change them he will have to find another school.”

The school has already punished a further 50 pupils for inappropriate schoolwear, Mawby claimed.

The mother is worried her son’s exclusion from classes will affect his learning progress.

Hickin’s Vans trainers which are said to breach his school’s uniform policy. [Photo: SWNS]

“I’m worried it’s affecting his learning. I’m incredibly annoyed he’s been removed from lessons, she said. “He does not know what’s been covered.”

Despite her complaints to the school about the treatment of her son, she said they will not back down and she will likely need to buy her son a new pair of shoes.

In a statement, the school said parents had been forewarned of the regulations.

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“Parents/carers were sent confirmation in the summer term, as a reminder, of our uniform expectations,” it warned.

Hickin’s black Old Skool Vans have a red logo on each heel. [Photo: SWNS]

“We expect students to be smart and to follow uniform rules.

“A small number of students have returned to school wearing incorrect uniform and we are currently in discussions with their parents about our expectations.”

Back-to-school season has seen a series of uniform rows, with a schoolgirl being removed from class last week for her “too short” trousers.


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