Leather gloves, western shoes and jewelry: choosing new accessories from lookbooks


Leather gloves, western shoes and jewelry: choosing new accessories from lookbooks

Calendar autumn has begun, but the weather finally decided to please the inhabitants of some regions with summer temperatures. Let's be honest – I don’t really want to think about a warmed seasonal wardrobe yet. Therefore, let's start small – with the selection of accessories.


Portal's new lookbook is inspired by the Bandidas Western. In addition to leather Cossacks, the brand introduced feminine alternatives – pumps and stretch high-heeled boots, as well as universal models of boots, loafers and sneakers.


Agnelle is one of the world famous brands that produces leather gloves. He collaborates with Dior, Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and many others. It is noteworthy that since its foundation in 1937, the company has remained family-owned – today it is owned by the founder’s great-granddaughter. Agnelle gloves tried on RihannaBella Hadid Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and other celebrities. In 2019, the brand announced the launch of a new collection led by French designer Louis Gabriel Nouchi – you can buy your favorite accessories from the stars online Rendez-vous.

3.Ray ban

Ray-Ban introduced the #Proudtobelong collection, which contains both classic and trendy news. From classic aviator shapes and legendary Wings to 70s vintage square frames and oval-shaped rimless frames, all products feature a thin metal border. Color lenses deserve special attention.


If you don’t feel like letting go of the summer, don’t! Not only sunglasses, but also the right accessories will help to keep the mood. Inspired by a nautical theme, the Exclaim brand collection brings beach walks back to the atmosphere. The emphasis is on pearls and delicate chains.


On September 12, the brand launches a new premium bag line – Levi's® L-Bag. The L-Bag line, a tribute to the first Levi's® 1934 jeans collection for women, includes models such as a waist bag, two-color saddle bag, crossbody bag and tote bag.

6.Wanna? Be!

The brand presented a photo project dedicated to girls for whom each puncture is primarily a story about self-expression and beauty. As models, photographer Sasha Favorov chose simple girls who adore piercings.


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