Julia Peresild, Tatyana Navka, Pavel Tabakov, Marina Zudina and others at a play at the Theater of Nations


Julia Peresild, Tatyana Navka, Pavel Tabakov, Marina Zudina and others at a play at the Theater of Nations

Julia Peresild

On September 14, 15 and 16, the artistic director of the Odeon theater in Paris, Stefan Braunschweig arranged three premieres of the play "Uncle Vanya" in Moscow. Marina Zudina with her son Pavel Tabakov, Tatyana Navka, Elizaveta Yankovskaya and many others were able to appreciate the brilliant game of Evgeny Mironov, Elizabeth Boyarskaya, Anatoly Bely and Yulia Peresild yesterday.

Julia Peresild
Julia Peresild

Tatyana Navka
Tatyana Navka

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This is the first work of Stefan Braunschweig in Russia: in France, he already put The Seagull, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard. Within the framework of the XIX open art festival "Cherry Forest", the director showed a performance to which, according to him, he went for almost 30 years.

<img height = "425" width = "640″ title=”Pavel Tabakov and Marina Zudina” alt=”Pavel Tabakov and Marina Zudina "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les6.jpg”/>
Pavel Tabakov and Marina Zudina

When the director spoke to us about how important what Astrov was talking about, I thought: are we doing a performance about the forest? Here is such love, such characters … But while we were rehearsing every day, fires began in Siberia, in the Amazon, in South Africa. And only then did they understand what the topic was in the play and how far Astrov was right. Stefan loaded us so that time was barely enough for himself. He cleared us of emotions, made us understand every word of the play and send all our feelings into a narrow corridor. It was necessary to fulfill the director’s task – to follow the text without improvisations,

– said Julia Peresild.

Elizabeth Boyarskaya admitted that Stefan is very careful about the text.

It turned out to be modern today, but at the same time a canonical reading. The tragedy of my heroine, Elena Andreevna, is that she did not live a full life: she did not take place either as a woman, or as a pianist, or as a mother. She doesn’t hang around with boredom, as other heroes think, she has a severe depression, she is corroded by longing,

– the actress told about her character.

Daria Mikhalkova "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les2.jpg
Daria Mikhalkova

Musya Totibadze and Elizaveta Yankovskaya "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les5.jpg
Musya Totibadze and Elizaveta Yankovskaya

Irina Volskaya "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les4.jpg
Irina Volskaya

Andrey Sharonov and Daria Poverennova "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les.jpg
Andrey Sharonov and Daria Poverennova

Zelfira Tregulova "src =" http://www.spletnik.ru/img/2019/09/_elizaveta/20190917-les3.jpg
Zelfira Tregulova


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