Lady Gaga at the presentation of her beauty line in Santa Monica


Lady Gaga at the presentation of her beauty line in Santa Monica

Lady Gaga

Yesterday 33 year old Lady Gaga threw a party to launch her cosmetics line at Haus Laboratories in Santa Monica, California. Congratulate the singer on her debut beauty collection her star friends came: Ashley Simpson, Kimora Black, Patrick Starr, Nikita Dragoon, Manny Mua and many others (among them there were many drag queen and transgender people).Lady GagaLady GagaLady Gaga

Ashley Simpson with spouse Evan RossAshley Simpson with spouse Evan RossNikita DragoonNikita DragoonKirby JohnsonKirby JohnsonManny muaManny muaKimora BlackKimora BlackPatrick StarrPatrick Starr

Lady Gaga's makeup collection at Haus Laboratories includes six products, including eyeliner and lip liner, special stickers and eye shadow in various shimmering shades. Products from this line can already be purchased on the official website of Haus Laboratories and on Amazon.

I'm bolder now than ever. I overcome obstacles related to psychological problems and my popularity. However, I learned to love myself – largely thanks to makeup. It was he who helped me find the rainbow in my heart.

This is not just the launch of cosmetics. This is a glamorous attack on the world that will teach people to accept themselves, to be courageous, and most importantly – kind. Yes, I want my business to be successful. However, most of all, I dream that people love themselves and see how beautiful they are,

– Lady Gaga admitted in her 20-minute opening speech to the audience.

By the way, during the party, the singer managed to change three outfits, but at the same time she remained true to black in each of her bright looks.

After completing the official part, Lady Gaga began to entertain everyone with an incendiary DJ set, during the breaks of which she talked with her many friends and sincerely thanked them for their support.Lady GagaLady GagaPatrick Starr and Lady GagaPatrick Starr and Lady GagaLady GagaLady GagaLady Gaga


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