4 Things To Note In Your Renovation Contract


There are 4 important details in a renovation contract which will ensure that your home renovation stays on track from start to end.

A Well-Written Renovation Contract

The renovation contract should be an exhaustive list of all works and costs involved that will be carried out during the project’s length without any form of ambiguity that may arise during the course of renovation – so be sure to pore through and understand the contract’s details before signing it.

A basic renovation contract should outline the following details clearly:

1. Scope Of Work

This section breakdowns in detail the list of materials used throughout the different stages of your home renovation and the various tasks that the contractor will undertake, including:

a. General Services

These services range from pre-renovation preparation work, to site coordination and project management tasks, to post-renovation clean-up.

b. Hacking & Demolition Works

These tasks are related to the removal and disposal of pre-existing structures and/or old fittings in any room.

c. Electrical Works

Do take note that in some cases electrical works may be performed by an independent contractor, and will be billed separately.

d. Plumbing

Primarily carried out in wet areas, common tasks include the running of pipes and installing water fittings, such as sinks and WCs.

e. Carpentry

This section concerns the installation of various cabinetry.

 2. Costs Breakdown

Interior designer: Flipside Design

Generally listed alongside each line item under the “Scope of Work” section, this part of the contract details both labour and material costs for individual tasks. If you’re unsure how much your home renovation should cost, try using the Qanvast Renovation Budget Calculator to get a cost estimate.

3. Payment Schedule

The payment schedule provides a rough timeline of when you should make payments based on key milestones in renovation. The amount of compensation for terminating the project prematurely, and goodwill discounts (if any) are listed under this section as well.

4. Defects Liability Period

Interior designer: Dap Atelier

The Defects Liability Period (DLP) is a warranty period which lasts up to 12 months, during which your contractor is liable for repair costs owing to faults that stem from defective materials or imperfect workmanship.

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