An official from Ulyanovsk is going to be fired for bathing in an oil bath


An official from Ulyanovsk is going to be fired for bathing in an oil bath

Svetlana Openensheva

Another scandal erupted in Russian politics. However, he, as often happens, has little to do directly with state activity — more with politicians themselves and their actions. This time, 55-year-old Svetlana Openensheva, adviser to the governor of the Ulyanovsk region in the IT field, was perplexed.

The woman shared on her Instagram (the blog is currently closed) photos from a vacation in Azerbaijan. However, she did not choose the picturesque landscapes of this country as the background for the picture, but the treatment room – Openysheva posted a selfie of naphthalan (Naftalan oil is a thick black-brown liquid with a peculiar odor that is used in medicine to treat and prevent a number of diseases) bathtubs.

Svetlana OpenenshevaSvetlana Openensheva

There isn’t much chocolate

– succinctly signed the photo official.

Attempts to become a beauty blogger were not appreciated not only by some netizens, but also by the immediate head of Openysheva – the head of the region Sergey Morozov. He commissioned an internal investigation into his subordinate.

The words of the governor on Twitter were cited by his spokesman Timothy Goncharuk.

Any immodest attitude will be suppressed. Many can afford to go abroad. But when I looked at the eccentricities of Mrs. Openyssheva, I decided to conduct an internal audit. Need to live more modestly

He quoted.

Svetlana Openensheva

The regional publication Ulpressa cites an even harsher statement by the head of the region – according to journalists, Morozov even threatened Openysheva with dismissal.

I sign permits for holidays abroad to many people (the law stipulates), but you can’t be so proud of your income. My decision is to conduct an internal audit and dismiss Openyshev,

– quotes the words of Morozov edition.

The media has also released Opensheva’s income: according to the declaration, in 2018 she earned a little more than 2.1 million rubles.

Officially, however, the final decision on dismissal has not yet been confirmed. The official herself has already apologized – she published them on her VKontakte page.

Dear friends. I want to publicly apologize to those who insulted or outraged my post. I didn’t have a minute in my intentions to offend anyone, but it so happened that someone’s feelings were hurt, and I am sorry that this happened. I just wanted to share my impressions of a wonderful and inexpensive vacation in the wonderful state of Azerbaijan, but, apparently, I chose an inappropriate form. I apologize again

– wrote Openensheva.

By the way, not everyone began to condemn the official – on the network there were those who explained that the procedure is the most common service in hotels and resorts in Azerbaijan.

For relaxation, Openensheva chose the five-star hotel Garabag Resort & Spa. The cost of rooms there varies from 9 to 11 thousand rubles per night.

Hotel Garabag Resort & SpaHotel Garabag Resort & Spa


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