Brigitte Macron will teach at an adult school




Brigitte Macron will teach at an adult school

Brigitte Macron

66-year-old Brigitte Macron, who several years ago refused to work as a literature teacher because of her husband’s career, will return to teaching, Deutsche Welle reports. This news first lady France shared at the opening of an adult education center in one of the poorest Paris quarters of Clichy-Sous-Bois.

Brigitte admitted that she was a little nervous before starting work, but emphasized that the school for people aged 25 to 48 years who have not finished school and are now looking for work, performs a very important mission.Brigitte MacronBrigitte Macron

At the opening of the educational center, Brigitte Macron appeared in a casual look: she was wearing a white turtleneck, black jeans, a matching blazer and suede low-heeled ankle boots. The first lady was clearly in a good mood, smiled a lot and enthusiastically talked about her new initiative to reporters.Brigitte Macron

It is also known that Macron was directly involved in the creation of this institution and developed a curriculum for it. Brigitte herself promised to give at least one lesson per month. In their classes, the first lady will introduce students to literature and culture.

Recall that Brigitte Macron for many years worked as a teacher Literature, however, left a career in 2015 after her husband, Emmanuel Macron, was elected President of France to help him in political affairs.

It is noteworthy that Emmanuel was once a pupil of Brigitte – at the time of their acquaintance, the then future president of France was only 15 years old.

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