Britney Spears father will not be prosecuted for beating grandson


Britney Spears father will not be prosecuted for beating grandson

Britney Spears with father Jamie

Recent news about life Britney Spears it was just right to transfer from the Show Business heading to the criminal chronicle. But it seems that passions are calming down. So, EOnline learned that the singer’s father, 67-year-old Jamie Spears, will not be prosecuted for the incident with Britney’s son, 13-year-old Sean.

Britney Spears with sons Sean and JadenBritney Spears with sons Sean and Jaden

Recall former ex-son-in-law of Jamie Spears Kevin Federline blamed him in an attack on his own grandson. Kevin and his divorce lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan have filed a complaint with law enforcement in Ventura County, California.

Details of the case were not disclosed, as the victim was a minor, but according to insiders, Jamie Spears physically abused his grandson and nearly broke the door to the room where he tried to hide. According to sources, a quarrel occurred in Jamie's house.

Kevin Federline and Britney SpearsKevin Federline and Britney Spears

Now, reporters have learned that the Ventura County Prosecutor’s Office has closed the investigation.

Based on the results of a study of the case file, insufficient evidence was found that Mr. Spears had committed a criminal offense,

– said in an official statement released on Tuesday.

Britney Spears with fatherBritney Spears with father

The incident greatly influenced relationships within the family. So, the court still forbade Jamie Spears to approach his grandson, after which he was forced refuse from custody of her daughter, because Britney holds a lot of time with sons. Now control has temporarily passed to long-time assistant singer Jody Montgomery.

Britney herself is also extremely painful reacted on the news of a fight between her father and son.

Britney is very upset by what happened. She cannot believe that her father threatened her relationship with the boys. A star constantly lives in fear that she will lose custody,

– said then sources close to the star.


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