Maxim Galkin on the case of Pavel Ustinov: "Such sentences are a colossal bust"


Maxim Galkin on the case of Pavel Ustinov:

Maksim Galkin

Stars continue advocate 24-year-old actor Pavel Ustinov, who yesterday was sentenced to 3.5 years in a general regime colony for resisting an employee of the Russian Guard during a protest rally for fair elections held on August 3.

This case did not leave many citizens indifferent, including celebrities. So, Maxim Galkin posted a five-minute video on his Instagram, in which he shared his opinion on what is happening.

Each profession has its own costs. For example, a public profession, an artist, a TV presenter, implies a certain resistance to gossip, rumors, slander, rumors. In my opinion, a dislocation from a fighter of a guard, from a person who serves in law enforcement agencies is an ordinary thing, and certainly not a reason to sue. If during your detention you dislocated your shoulder, it means that you came to the detainee from the wrong side. This is rather a sign of not the phenomenal data of the one who was detained, but some kind of flaw in the fighter of the Russian Guard. I don’t think it’s a manly suit to sue for dislocating your shoulder. It's like a skater will sue the ice for slipping and falling,

– Maxim Galkin expressed his point of view.

Galkin also noted that the case of Pavel Ustinov is a great reputation loss: both for the judicial system and fighters of the Russian Guard, and for the authorities as a whole. Maxim is convinced that the people have long understood that it’s better not to go to the agreed actions and not to join resistance with the fighters, so this indicative punishment is considered superfluous.

We understood the hint, but it seems to me that such processes, such sentences are a colossal bust that does not help anything: neither the strengthening of statehood, nor the consciousness of citizens. Therefore, I really hope that this story will have some positive continuation. I am not a very expert on judicial procedures and the state’s ability to review existing decisions, but it seems to me that this is the case.

We like to refer to some Western examples. In France, the police are very tough with the protesters: dislocate your shoulder, you both will dislocate. But the next day they’ll let you go, and that’s the big difference,

– spoke out Galkin.

Pavel UstinovPavel Ustinov

The artist also expressed sympathy to all the relatives and friends of Pavel Ustinov. At the end of his appeal, Maxim Galkin noted that this incident could negatively affect the political future of our country, as well as be in the hands of our enemies: "both present and imagined."

The stars who have already supported Pavel Ustinov have also joined Ksenia Sobchak, Sergey Minaev, Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Petrov, Irina Gorbacheva, Sergey Lazarev, Kristina Asmus and many others.

So, Sobchak called this verdict “terrible injustice and lawlessness,” Minaev said that he had watched the video from the detention several times, but did not understand why the young actor was given 3.5 years in prison, and Kozlovsky noted that this situation concerns him directly, as well as outraged by how depreciating human life.

Sergei Shnurov resonant case of Pavel Ustinov inspired to write a new verse in which he expressed his attitude to the verdict:

In the courtroom. Eyes like rhinestones
Glow at the prosecutor.
I understood a long time and immediately,
How to make bitterness out of grief.
Prosecutors are all cuties,
They only want good boy
Sent to jail,
Sit where the bears walk.
"This is not for you on the boulevards,
Wild insatiable weld
Biting Clicquot lobster,
Beat the most humane riot police! "
Everything is clear, and yet
People have a different opinion.
There is, on your account, in your doubt, –
Are you out of your mind? Comon?

Pavel Ustinov

Recall that yesterday the Tver court of Moscow sentenced aspiring actor Pavel Ustinov to 3.5 years in prison. The young man received punishment for resisting senior police sergeant Alexander Lyagin when he detained him during protests on Pushkin Square, held on August 3 this year.

Lyagin claims that Ustinov showed such strong resistance that he deliberately dislocated his shoulder. However, several videos from the place of Pavel’s detention prove that he was just standing by the subway (as he says), waiting for a comrade and not touching anyone. At the same time, the court for some reason refused to attach these videos to the case.


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