Megan Fox on sexism in Hollywood, feminism and the joys of motherhood


Megan Fox on sexism in Hollywood, feminism and the joys of motherhood

Megan Fox

This year, the film Jennifer's Body, whose main star is Megan Fox, 10 years old. Just on this occasion, the 33-year-old actress decided on the eve to talk with reporters. In an interview with ET Magazine, Megan remembered working on this picture, which received a lot of criticism, and how hard it was going through at that time.

At that time, so much was happening to me that this film was far from at the top of the list of my problems. I had a very difficult relationship with the public and journalists. And I just struggled with all this. I think I experienced a real psychological breakdown then. I just didn’t want to do anything: I didn’t want to appear in public, to appear for magazines, to go out on the red carpet. I was haunted by fear and confidence that they would ridicule me, scream at me and throw stones at me. It was a very dark period,

– said Fox.

Megan FoxMegan Fox

Megan also admitted that she always tried to fight sexism in hollywood. According to the star, she tried to go against the system long before the appearance of movement #MeToohowever, then no one took her words seriously:

I feel like I was part of #MeToo even before it was created. I said, "Hey, these things are happening to me, and it's not normal." Usually they answered me: "Well! We do not care, you deserve it." Everyone just talked about how I dress and look, and joked about it.

Megan Fox also admitted that she considers herself a feminist, but she is convinced that other girls belonging to this movement do not want to accept her into their ranks.

Megan Fox

The actress claims that her life has changed a lot motherhood. According to the star, the appearance of the eldest son of Noah made her look at the world very differently.

Pregnancy was a real breakthrough for me. My consciousness changed, my mind cleared up, it seemed that I was seeing the world from a bird's eye view. Then I had another child, and then a third … And with every pregnancy I felt that I was becoming a better version of myself,

– Fox shared her thoughts.

Megan also expressed her indignation that actresses with children are generally less respected in the profession. Fox complains that in the understanding of many, motherhood for an actress is considered an obstacle.

Recall that since 2010 Megan Fox married after his colleague Brian Austin Green. In marriage, they raise three sons: six-year-old Noah, five-year-old Bodi and three-year-old Jorney.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin GreenMegan Fox and Brian Austin Green


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