Noel Fielding’s optical illusion shirt distracts Bake Off fans


‘Great British Bake Off’ fans claim Noel Fielding’s optical illusion shirt distracted them during last night’s episode, with some going as far as saying it was triggering headaches and migraines.

Aside from the cakes and pastries, there’s one thing that never fails to get people talking: Noel Fielding’s epic shirts.

The baking co-host has become something of a fashion icon with his wardrobe-full of jazzy shirts, but last night’s pick proved to be a particular flash point.

It was the show’s first ever Dairy Week in the tent and to celebrate Noel pulled out all the stops in a fluoro, aqua-green coloured shirt, complete with mind-bending black swirls.

But it was these patterns in particular that proved to be pretty uneasy on the eye, as they appeared to have a hypnotic effect, dancing around like some sort of illusion.

While some viewers complained about being distracted from the cakes by the outfit choice, others went to far as to say the shirt was triggering a headache or migraine.

And a further group headed onto social media to reveal they were now suffering from motion sickness.

All the green face emojis.

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Noel Fielding’s shirt has sent social media into meltdown [Photo: Love Productions/Photographer: William Davies / Lorraine Lam]

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Others, however, were big fans of the shirt and really couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Who’s looking forward to next week’s outfit choice?


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