Report: Tenant Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Roach Infestation at 261 Broome Street


A new tenant at 261 Broome Street filed a lawsuit against the landlord, claiming that an alleged roach infestation forced her to leave after only four days on-premise back in June.

The complaint, filed this week in Manhattan Supreme Court by Julia Perry, alleges that the infestation was so severe that the critters even found their way into the refrigerator, and “swarmed Julia’s bagel.”

The suit also alleges that there was vomit on the fire escape, feces in the toilet, a broken towel rack, filthy windows, and makeup and toothbrushes strewn across the apartment when Perry moved in.

Seriously, the way the lawsuit describes the living quarters, it could be a scene from MTV short, Joe’s Apartment.

Perry and her lawyer – Mark Bongiovanni of Leary, Bride Mergner and Bongiovanni – demand $120,000 in damages plus legal fees. Building managers Raj Dhiman and OK Management, Universal Realty, 259 Broome LLC and Universal Realty managing agent Jason Pilku are all mentioned as defendants in the lawsuit.

[h/t The Real Deal]


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