Rockstar Games releases new PC launcher, gives away GTA: San Andreas for free



Ride along with CJ for free after downloading the new Rockstar Games launcher.

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has released its own PC launcher just in case you don’t have too many on your computer already. This time, however, those who download it will get one of the best games in the Grand Theft Auto series at no charge. 

The new Rockstar Games PC Launcher is available to download for Windows on Tuesday. Installing the launcher will also add a digital copy of GTA: San Andreas to the library for free. 

Users will need a Rockstar Games Social Club account to get started. The launcher supports several games from Rockstar including GTA V, LA Noire, Bully, Max Payne 3 and GTA: Vice City. However, users will have to purchase these games via the program’s store. There’s also an option to buy GTA Online Shark Cash cards, which are the online multiplayer’s in-game currency. 

Rockstar Games didn’t provide an end date for the free copy of GTA: San Andreas or when the launcher would come to Mac computers. 


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