This pet hair hack will leave your carpets cleaner than ever


We love our pets, but we don’t love the fur and hair they leave just about everywhere. 

Pet hair is notoriously difficult to remove from carpet with just a vacuum cleaner. Once dropped by your furry best friend, it easily embeds itself in the floor and collects into gross-looking clumps. 

You can find yourself running a vacuum over the same patch of carpet until you’re hot and bothered with only the smallest margin of success. And if you’ve got a dog that sheds every time they move, even a daily vacuum seems pointless.

A few astute home owners have discovered a helpful trick to save their time, arm muscles and sanity when it comes to picking up pet hair: A squeegee. 

Why bother trying to vacuum pet hair when you can squeegee it?


Why bother trying to vacuum pet hair when you can squeegee it?

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The humble shower squeegee might be intended for glass, but it is specifically designed to dislodge layers of built-up filth from a surface – exactly like pet fur. 

If you’ve got a squeegee handy, give it a good rinse before giving this a go. Move it back and forth across the carpet exactly as you would on the shower. The rubber will loosen embedded fur. 

You can do this manually on your hands and knees, or for advanced players – attach an old mop handle to the top of any regular squeegee and you’ve DIY’d your own super effective pet hair picker-upperer. 

This trick works well on carpet with short hairs. 

Once most of the pet hair has been removed, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to pick up any last traces.


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