“Who Wants a Baby 2” rumoured to replace Ali Lee and Lai Lok Yi


17 Sep – Although she has denied rumours of being frozen by TVB, it was recently reported that the company is replacing Ali Lee and her co-star Lai Lok Yi with different actors in the sequel of their hit 2018 TV series, “Who Wants a Baby?”

As reported on Mingpao, a new rumour has emerged saying that season two of the said show will instead have Eliza Sam and Kenneth Ma replacing the two lead actors, and will start filming in early 2020.

When asked about it, Ali said that she did hear about the series having some changes, but is unsure what it will be.

“I also heard that it will not be filmed just yet. I also would not be able to handle filming 25-episode drama after shooting a 30-episode series prior to that,” she said.

When asked if she will be disappointed if the show changes cast members, Ali admitted that it would be a pity since she really enjoyed working with Lai.

She also dismissed the idea that she has dragged Lai down with her, saying that the actor already has a lot of series and variety shows.

Rumours of Ali’s forced hiatus sparked last month, when sources alleged that TVB is reducing her workload due to her supposed support for the Hong Kong independence movement – a rumour that the actress has continuously denied.

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram)


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