Yoga, rap and going out: how was the year of Harry and Lisa Galkin


Yoga, rap and going out: how was the year of Harry and Lisa Galkin

Lisa and Harry Galkins

Today the children of a 70 year old Alla Pugacheva and 43-year-old Maxim Galkin celebrate their sixth birthday. This year was very busy for Lisa and Harry: active and inquisitive kids showed new talents, cognized the world, tried yourself in sports, visited the sea and in every possible way pleased and amused their parents (and sometimes even brought them to tears of joy!) and many fans of the star family. On this holiday SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall the most significant events of this year in the life of twins!

2018 year

September – the first anniversary, pets and going to the cinema

Last year, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin seriously prepared for the first big anniversary of Lisa and Harry. Star parents in the morning began to cook for kids pleasant surprises.

Instead of banal toys, Alla and Maxim decided to give their children pets, live hamsters and canaries. So Pugacheva and Galkin decided from an early age to accustom their son and daughter to responsibility. Lisa and Harry enthusiastically accepted the gifts and promised to carefully care for the pets.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the twins, Alla and Maxim made fun for them holiday party. Many of their friends with their star parents were invited to the kids' birthday: Alla Victoria and Martin with their father Philip Kirkorov, Nikita with their father Sergei Lazarev, Eva with their mother Svetlana Loboda and many others. Children danced, played with air bubbles and ate as much ice cream as they wanted. On this day, the birthday men were in the spotlight and felt like real stars.
Harry and Lisa GalkinHarry and Lisa GalkinAlla Pugacheva with her son HarryAlla Pugacheva with her son Harry

At the end of the month, Lisa and Harry with their parents came out: they attended the premiere of the new animated film "Aliens in the House" (Luis & the Aliens), in which their star father voiced the roles of three fantastic characters. The kids felt confident in front of the cameras on the red carpet, and then together with Pugacheva and Galkin laughed in the cinema and shared their impressions of the cartoon.Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with daughter Lisa and son HarryMaxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with their son Harry and daughter Lisa

October – fiery dances and grocery shopping

In October, Lisa and Harry continued to have fun at parties. At the beginning of the month, they, together with their parents were invited on the birthday of the daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova Veronika. There, the twins, already accustomed to such celebrations, felt like real party headliners: they had fun with animators, rode on a live llama, and also danced a lot.

So, Lisa once again amazed everyone who gathered with her dancing steps: a girl who is professionally engaged in dancing, really ignited and infected other guests of the children's holiday with her energy.

By the way, on the eve of this party, Alla Pugacheva with Harry was seen fans in one of the stores of the supermarket economy chain network – a picture of the Primadonna and her son, taken in the store, instantly scattered across the network. Seeing the violent reaction of subscribers to this photo, Maxim Galkin wrote a funny post on his Instagram, in which he admitted that thanks to the efforts of his fans, he was always aware of exactly where his wife and children were.Alla Pugacheva with her son HarryAlla Pugacheva with her son Harry

November – French lessons and first steps in rap

In November, Maxim Galkin actively demonstrated the talents of Lisa and Harry. First, the parodist posted a video on his Instagram showing how twins doing french language together with the teacher. Star father shared that Lisa approaches the lessons with all seriousness and is very upset when she does not succeed. Harry, on the contrary, is not inclined to experience and prefers to study French in a playful way.
Lisa and Harry GalkinsLisa and Harry Galkins

French lessons aren’t the only thing the kids made their parents happy this month. Their new hobby unexpectedly became rap! Inspired by the performance of the young rapper on the program "Best of All", Lisa and Harry also decided to try themselves in this difficult matter. The kids themselves composed and performed a rap composition in which they reflected pressing problems. Fans appreciated the rap improvisation of the kids and once again noted that with such diverse talents, they obviously will not be lost.

December – winter fun and holiday chores

In December, Lisa and Harry Galkins enjoyed the delights of a snowy winter. One of the kids' favorite pastimes was walking through the woods and snowboarding from a hill with their star dad.

By the way, Maxim Galkin does not get tired of reminding that the life of kids does not consist at all of continuous fun. So, this month another talent of Lisa and Harry was revealed: it turns out that by the age of five they had already learned how to clean household chores and even can load a dishwasher without the help of their parents – Galkin shared this video evidence on his Instagram.

In December, Lisa and Harry Galkins, along with their parents, also attended another children's holiday, which was dedicated to the seventh anniversary of the daughter Philip Kirkorov Alla Victoria. Together with other children, the kids plunged into the magical world of Harry Potter: they conducted chemical experiments, enjoyed a laser show and had fun at a paper disco.Lisa GalkinaLisa GalkinaHarry GalkinHarry Galkin

2019 year

January – snow battles and family shots

In January, Lisa and Harry Galkins enjoyed the New Year holidays with their parents. The kids spent a lot of time on the street, where they sculpted snow figures and rode on sleds and ice. On such winter walks, the company was made up of children by dad, who did not miss the opportunity to play a trick on them and make a new funny video on Instagram.

Another highlight of January was concert of Svetlana Loboda in the metropolitan Crocus City Hall. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin went there without a daughter and a son (the show ended late at night, and the kids were sleeping peacefully in their beds at that time). Before the evening out, Alla and Maxim did family photo with children, which by tradition has collected a large number of likes and comments.Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with daughter Lisa and son HarryMaxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with daughter Lisa and son Harry

February – surprise for dad and preparation for mom's solo album

February turned out to be very active for the twins Lisa and Harry. First, the kids visited children's party in honor of the seventh birthday of the daughter of the singer Jasmine Margarita, where they plunged into the world of the fairy tale "The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Pinocchio" and met Malvina, Pierrot and other magical characters.
Alla Pugacheva with her son HarryAlla Pugacheva with her son Harry

In the second half of the month, Lisa and her mother started to prepare to the approaching Defender of the Fatherland Day. Secretly from Maxim Galkin and Harry, they went shopping to pick gifts. This moment got on a video that the parodist shared in his microblog. In these frames, Lisa cunningly hides from her father the true purpose of their shopping mom.

After February 23, Alla Pugacheva began active preparations for her solo concert dedicated to her 70th birthday. In this to her helped daughter Lisa – in the morning, the singer and her daughter sang and played music at the piano, while Maxim studied with Harry French. Judging by the fact that prima donna show in the Kremlin went off with a bang, joint rehearsals with the girl were clearly not in vain!

March – Lisa's talents and Harry's knowledge

AT At the beginning of spring, Maxim Galkin continued to show subscribers videos with the participation of Lisa and Harry, in which he demonstrated what successes the kids had achieved by their age. Especially subscribers were interested in videos on which Lisa talks about the family, and Harry about his attitude to God.

The most important thing in life is mom, dad, nannies … and the whole family! Our mom and dad are the best!

– the girl sincerely stated in a philosophical conversation with her father.Lisa GalkinaLisa Galkina

God, it turns out, says that even if we hid in the closet or under the bed, he sees us!

Harry told his father.

In March, children also continued to demonstrate their talents and knowledge. So, Lisa admired her father with her drawing, which (by her own admission) was helped by her mother, and Harry shared with Maxim important information: he talked about the "most dangerous place on the planet" – the Bermuda Triangle – and even reported terrible incidents that this area is famous.

April – mom’s anniversary and Easter

April turned out to be eventful for Lisa and Harry. The main one was the birthday of Alla Pugacheva, for which the kids prepared very thoroughly. In the morning, the twins began to congratulate their mother 70th anniversary: they gave her bright crafts and said kind words that touched the Diva to tears.

At the end of April, Lisa and Harry together with their parents celebrated another big holiday – Easter. Alla and Maxim from childhood tell twins about Orthodox traditions and rituals. By Easter Sunday, Harry and Lisa were happy to paint their eggs and decorate the holiday baskets with which on the eve of the holiday with their parents went to church. Kids treat Easter with special trepidation: they draw bright cards by hand to all those close to them and learn poems.
Lisa and Harry GalkinsLisa and Harry Galkins

May – games in a hut and a boat ride

May pleased the Muscovites with good weather, so almost all of their time, Lisa and Harry spent on the street: playing on playgrounds, riding bicycles and building huts.Maxim Galkin with his son Harry and daughter LisaMaxim Galkin with his son Harry and daughter Lisa

Maxim Galkin was on tour in Israel for almost the entire month, so the twins spent a lot of time with their star mom. Once Alla even arranged a real surprise for Lisa and Harry: she organized a boat trip on the river for them. The kids were delighted: Harry, like a real man, helped the boat manager to work with the oar, and Lisa and her mother enjoyed the calm and caught the spring sunshine.

June – dad's birthday, pool games and drawing

In June, the kids continued to amaze the audience with their talents. Inventive Lisa and Harry admired netizens for their acting improvisations, and also tried themselves in drawing on a large easel, installed directly in the courtyard of their country house.

Lisa Galkina
Lisa Galkina

Another fun for the twins in June was playing in the indoor pool with dad. Armed with swimming goggles and fins, Lisa and Harry (without circles, arm ruffles and other aids!) Deftly stay on the water and even practice jumping into the water – though not from the towers, but from their father's caring hands.

In late June, Maxim Galkin celebrated its 43rd anniversary. As usual, the twins prepared very thoroughly for congratulations: they handed dad flowers, hand-made postcards, read touching verses to him, and even prepared a sketch for him in French.

July – rest in Jurmala and conquering the heights

In the middle of summer, Lisa and Harry Galkins went with their parents on a traditional vacation to Latvia. The star family spent a very active vacation: Alla and Maxim, together with the children, arranged long walks on the coast of the Baltic Sea, traveled with children to the zoo and taught them to ride a Segway.
Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with childrenMaxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva with children

Maxim and Harry, as the bravest in the family, also mastered a new hobby – classes in a rope panda park. Harry took the example from dad and fearlessly overcame trials at a height of about 15 meters, but Lisa and Alla did not dare to do this.

But on vacation, the daughter of Primadonna and the parodist demonstrated her next talent – the ability to do massage. Lisa practices her skills in this matter on the stellar father. By the way, he does not complain at all!

August – Yoga and Sand Castles

In August, Lisa, Harry, Alla and Maxim continued to rest in Jurmala. The new month has brought new hobbies. So, Lisa mastered yoga classes. At some point, it seemed to the girl that she had mastered this practice so well that she began to teach the meditations of Maxim and Harry.Lisa GalkinaLisa Galkina

Perhaps, during one of these dives, Lisa came up with the idea of ​​creating her own smartphone. Instead of asking her parents to buy her a gadget, she herself drew it on paper. The girl refused to receive a patent for the invention, saying that she was not going to carry the smartphone to the masses and would use it only herself.

In August, the kids spent a lot of time on the beach, where they played with sand on the shore and built castles and various figures from it. At some point, Harry got the idea to dig a deep hole in which his dad could hide from the paparazzi. Dad appreciated the idea of ​​his son, but they never embarked on its implementation.

September – last days at sea and preparations for the birthday

In early September, the kids continued to relax at sea. Lisa and Harry are likely to go to school only next year, so while they enjoy a carefree childhood.

From Latvia, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with their children moved to another, warmer country. The star family did not disclose their location, but most subscribers suggested that they had a rest in Israel. On vacation, children frolic with pleasure in the water, showed parents various tricks, and also watched with interest the sea inhabitants with the help of glasses for scuba diving.

On the morning of September 18, Maxim Galkin shared a video on which he showed which present they prepared Lisa and Harry in honor of the sixth birthday. Parents decorated the living room with a large number of colorful balloons, and Alla sang for them played beautiful music on the piano. Hearing the melody, the birthday boys immediately started dancing. And, as it seems to us, this is where the surprises for the kids have just begun!
Lisa GalkinaLisa GalkinaHarry GalkinHarry Galkin


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