12 Living Rooms to Impress Your Guests


As the first room to greet you as you return home, the living room should be cosy and welcoming. Whether a personal area to spend hours binge watching television, or to double up as a multi-functional space for hosting dinner parties, we’ve gathered unique styling ideas for living rooms of all sizes! 

For smaller homes

1. Surrounding a dark-coloured wall with white walls can be refreshingly stylish without feeling oppressive. 

Interior designer: UNO Interior

2. Less is always more for small spaces. Do away with unnecessary decorative and bulky storage options, and replace them with light brown and grey furniture with clean lines.

Interior designer: KDOT Associates

3.  Arrange the seating pieces in a way that encourages conversation and engagement if you enjoying entertaining in your home. The living room can be just as lively without a television set.

Interior designer: The Local INN.terior

4. For narrow spaces, consider ceiling-mounted shelves for extra storage off the ground. It can be used to display a memorabilia for a personal touch.

Interior designer: Juz Interior

5. Wood when used well can create a calming space for a pleasant welcome upon your return home. 

Interior designer: Icon Interior Design

For mid-size homes

6. Contrast natural textures from wood, hide, and wicker against a glossy backdrop for a contemporary rustic space. Soften the look with indoor plants, throws, and coffee table books. 

Interior designer: Dan’s Workshop

7. The plush classic seating, chandelier, and gold accents in this open-concept space creates a refined luxury that lures you in while leaving your troubles at the door.

Interior designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

8. Free your living room of visual noise, and give yourself some breathing space within a serene and tranquil atmosphere. A concrete feature wall as a visual anchor prevents the space from appearing too cold. 

Interior designer: Ace Space Design

For bigger homes

9. If you prefer a larger living room, remove the kitchen walls for a more spacious living area. Colour-coordinate the furniture styles with the walls to achieve a more unified look. 

Interior designer: Edge Interior

10. Filling up a room with too many smaller items can make it cluttered. Use a few statement pieces as anchors instead, and keep everything else simple. 

Interior designer: Flipside Design

11. A monochromatic contemporary theme with sleek furniture choices highlights the area’s volume elegantly. Visual layers, such as a textural rug and statement art piece, helps cosy up this large area. 

Interior designer: Corazon Interior

12. Light wood, white walls, and plenty of open spaces create a feeling of zen at home. Storage compartments built to recede into the walls clears the living room from physical and visual clutter. 

Interior designer: Ascenders Design Studio

Give Your Home A Brand New Look

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