Stephen A. Smith Offers New Details On KD & Steve Kerr’s Relationship


Durant and Kerr weren’t exactly best friends.

There have been a lot of rumblings as to why exactly Kevin Durant would leave the Golden State Warriors to join the Brooklyn Nets. During his three years in Golden State, Durant went to three NBA Finals and won two of them. Had he been healthy for this year’s Finals, he probably would have won all three of his Finals appearances. All of this doesn’t matter though as Durant is off to the East coast to play for a team that has never taken home the NBA championship.

In a recent interview, Durant opened up about his time in Golden State and how head coach Steve Kerr didn’t have a sustainable offense. These were peculiar comments at the time and during a recent episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith offered some extra information on Kerr and Durant’s strained relationship.

“KD’s relationship with Steve Kerr was not good,” Smith explained. “And I’m not saying Steve Kerr did anything, I’m not saying there was some fall out…From what I was told, KD was not feeling Steve Kerr at all.”

So there you have it, for whatever reason, Durant just didn’t like his head coach. A situation such as KD and Kerr’s isn’t unheard of although it comes across a little weird when you consider how much KD accomplished with Kerr as his head coach.

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