The 10 Best Weapon Easter Eggs in Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with various pop culture Easter eggs, which is part of the fun and unique design of the franchise. Whether it’s playing as the Beastmaster and seeing Flak’s King of the Hill Easter egg or finding a particularly cool weapon, they’re practically everywhere.

Of course, some Easter eggs don’t garner enough attention or are easily overlooked, so they’re easy to miss. In the case of weapons, based on loot drop rates, it’s possible to not realize the gun exists until grinding for it intentionally in Borderlands 3. Therefore, here are the best weapon Easter eggs found throughout BL3. SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain what many consider to be MINOR SPOILERS, but rest assured, there’s none ruining the main plot.

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10. The Wick and Warty Shotgun

A Rick and Morty Easter egg in Borderlands 3 pits players against two-knock offs, Wick and Warty. Their quest, aptly titled Kill Wick and Warty, is found on Promethea, with the two then found in the Lectra City portion. They drop a legendary gun that, while cool based on getting it from the two enemies, is regrettably unremarkable.

9. The Freeman

Valve can’t count to 3, but BL3 developer Gearbox sure can. And in a reference to the Half-Life franchise, there is a Rocket Launcher dubbed “The Freeman.” It can be obtained by beating the Warden in Borderlands 3.

8. The Two Time

It should come as no surprise that Borderlands 3 has an allusion to the popular Twitch streamer, Dr. Disrespect, with this sniper rifle. During the sidequest “ECHOnet Neutrality,” players encounter a figure who bears a striking resemblance to the figure and will reward the players with the Two Time sniper. It’s flavor text, “Back-to-back consecutive champion,” is a phrase pulled from the streamer as well.

7. The Burning Chomper

Reward gun in player inventory.

Lord of the Rings also gets its due attention in Borderlands 3 in a sidequest called The Demon in the Dark. This connects to the Mines of Moria and features scenes that parallel the movie. At the end of it, players are reward with the Burning Chomper, which looks like Balrog’s whip when fired.

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6. One Pump Chump

Fans of the One Punch Man anime will likely be glad to know that this weapon exists in BL3 and even requires players to take down a man named “One Punch.” It’s a bit tricky, though, as this weapon isn’t tied to a sidequest. Players can instead find it by completing a certain puzzle in the Lectra City portion of Promethea. For Borderlands 3 players interested in the weapon, here’s how to unlock BL3‘s One Punch Man shotgun.

5. Speedloadn’ Hellwalker

Doom Eternal is still a couple of months away, but players can show their love for the franchise with this shotgun. The Speedloadn’ Hellwalker. Instead of a sidequest or a puzzle, though, Borderlands 3 players can unlock this Doom shotgun by beating Captain Traunt. Of course, with how things typically go in BL3, players will likely need to grind the boss to unlock the legendary weapon.

4. The Compressing Superball

The Compressing Superball alludes to Super Mario Bros. with its flavor text: “Flower Power.” This gun shots out fireball as if it were the Fire Flower power up from the longrunning franchise. It’s definitely a nice touch to Borderlands 3, so for those interested in how to pick it up, here’s how to unlock the BL3 Super Mario Gun.

3. The Firesale Long Musket++

borderlands 3 elon musk flamethrower

Sometime before the release of Borderlands 3, Elon Musk made a tweet about a flamethrower made by his company that Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford followed up on. And as stated, Musk’s flamethrower ended up being in Borderlands 3 as the Firesale Long Musket++. To unlock this weapon, players must travel to the planet Athena, find a location called Windward Plaza, and grind a boss known as Chupacabratch.

2. The Conference Call

The Conference Call shotgun.

One Borderlands 3 Easter egg is really an Easter egg unto itself, as the famous Conference Call from Borderlands 2 is back. Many fans understandably missed it in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, so it’s great to see it back in all its glory for the threequel. For fans who want to unlock the Conference Call, the best way is by farming Katagawa Jr.

1. The Compressing Trevonator

The best weapon that serves as Easter egg is the Compressing Trevonator, but it’s a little different from every other weapon on this list. It’s inclusion in the game stems from and is designed by Trevor Eastman, a huge Borderlands 3 fan diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was able to play the game early and see the official launch, but the last report indicates that Eastman has been spending his final days playing BL3.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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