8 Dreamy Homes We All Want To Live In!


Not only do these homes look picture-perfect, they also shine with character and creativity. The best part? The looks are totally attainable! Here’s how to emulate their look.

1. This apartment may be small, but it deftly distracts with strategic lighting points (in unique light fixtures) and a bold yet harmonious colour palette. 

Interior designer: ELPIS Interior
Cost of renovation: $30,000

2. An apartment like this makes it easy to imagine that you are on perpetual vacation! Cheers to living in a luxe Balinese resort.

Interior designer: ProjectGuru
Cost of renovation: $90,000

3. When your interior style consists of loose furniture and ‘jungalow’ style – it’s a breeze to shift around these items and change up the look of your home every now and then. 

Interior designer: Authors • Interior & Styling
Cost of renovation: $70,000

4. Looking unapologetically modern and edgy, this apartment’s bold use of black and grey tones, punctuated with sparse but on-point display pieces, sure packs a sophisticated punch!

Interior designer: KDOT Associates
Cost of renovation: $80,000

5. A home that is the envy of any self-respecting hipster; the open living and dining space also looks airy and inviting, and makes us want to have brunch all day.

Interior designer: Third Avenue Studio
Cost of renovation: $50,000

6. Looking adorably quaint, this apartment amps up the dreamy, otherworldly ambiance with whimsical light fixtures and the liberal use of white walls and furnishings, and soft, filmy curtains.

Interior designer: Edge Interior
Cost of renovation: $84,000

7. For a minimalist look that is easy on the eyes, the colour white and fine wood textures make a great combination. It is easy to pull off, and will stay relevant for many years to come. 

Interior designer: Posh Home
Cost of renovation: $45,000

8. Pick furniture in offbeat washes of colours and have fun with boxy cabinets to both store and display your favourite pieces.

Interior designer: 82
Cost of renovation: $86,000

Give Your Home A Brand New Look

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