Apex Legends season 3 adds Crypto to roster


Apex Legends Crypto

It’s official. Crypto is new the Legend. 

EA / Respawn Entertainment

After multiple leaks, EA and Respawn Entertainment make it official: Crypto is the next character for Apex Legends. He’ll be the next Legend for the game that will start its third season in October. 

Crypto’s reveal came on Thursday via a tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter account. A new Stories from the Outlands video called “Forever Family” gives some background on the Legend. 

In the video, Crypto and Mila Alexander, who appears to be his sister, uncovered a secret file that would let anyone manipulate the matches in the Apex Games. Mila wants to use this info, but Crypto decides otherwise. The next day, he discovers he’s been framed for Mila’s disappearance and is now on the run from the Syndicate, the organization behind the Apex Games. Crypto is now looking for his redemption.  

Crypto will be part of Apex Legends season 3, dubbed Meltdown, starting on Oct. 1. Aside from the start date, not much else is known. There will be a new weapon, the Charge Rifle, along with the return of a ranking mode and a season Battle Pass. 


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