Instagram model Daria Klyukina married top manager of Gazprom Media


Instagram model Daria Klyukina married top manager

Daria Klyukina and Vladimir Chopov

Just a couple of hours ago, 25-year-old Daria Klyukina, who became famous after winning the show “The Bachelor” with Yegor Creed, married the 39-year-old top manager of the media holding Gazprom-Media and the deputy general director of TNT channel Vladimir Chopov. The bride posted on Instagram a video after the wedding ceremony.

The girl also posted several photos and videos taken in the car on the way from the Tushino registry office. The model poses on them with festive make-up and styling, and on her ring finger flaunts a three-carat blue diamond ring from Van Cleef & Arpels (as the Tatler Butler telegram channel writes).

You guys can congratulate me. I got married,

– happily told Klyukin on Instagram story to her fans.

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For an important event, the bride chose a white suit, complementing the image with lace gloves and satin shoes Manolo Blahnik.

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Earlier, Klyukina admitted that she was very worried before the upcoming triumph.

The most touching moments in the wedding video are related to the preparation of the bride and groom. Both are worried and await a meeting. I’m also waiting, preparation is nice, but thoughts about the wedding cause a special thrill,

– said the model.

<img height = "450" ​​width = "450″ title=”Daria Klyukina and Vladimir Chopov” alt=”Daria Klyukina and Vladimir Chopov "src ="”/>

The lovers themselves plan to organize the celebration in Italy, it will be held on October 4. Lovers chose this country, because it was here that at one time the first date of the couple took place. Preparations for the holiday are already being completed, to which not only relatives of the newlyweds will be invited, but also many stars of show business, including Dima Bilan and Keti Topuria (they say Klyukina herself will sing!). For the dress, Daria flew to Paris, her choice fell on the creation of the Lebanese brand Elie Saab.

It is not known exactly when Daria began an affair with an entrepreneur. According to rumors, feelings between them arose in the summer of 2018. The lovers met during a working meeting, and then they did not part.


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