Liv Tyler, Brad Pitt and others at the premiere of "To the Stars" in Los Angeles


Liv Tyler, Brad Pitt and others at the premiere of the film

Liv Tyler

The premiere of the movie "Los Angeles" took place yesterday in Los AngelesTo the stars"(Ad Astra) – the new work of director James Gray, known to viewers from the paintings"The Lost City Z"(The Lost City of Z) and" Lovers "(Two Lovers). The leading actors came to present a new picture Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negg, Tommy Lee Jones and others.

Liv TylerLiv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Brad PittBrad Pitt

Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee JonesRuth NeggaRuth Negga

Other stars appeared at the premiere. So, Liv Tyler came to support almost the whole family: on the red carpet, she posed with her stellar father Stephen and the pregnant sister Chelsea. Chelsea, by the way, took her husband John Foster to the premiere.

But Stephen Tyler came to the premiere of a new picture with his daughter in the company of his 30-year-old lover Amy Preston, who is 41 years younger than him. The couple did not hide their feelings for each other and passionately kissed right in front of the reporters on the red carpet.

Stephen TylerStephen Tyler

<img height = "640" width = "425″ title=”Stephen Tyler and Amy Preston” alt=”Stephen Tyler and Amy Preston "src ="”/>
Stephen Tyler and Amy Preston

<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Chelsea Tyler with spouse John Foster” title=”Chelsea Tyler with spouse John Foster”/>Chelsea Tyler with spouse John Foster<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Donald Sutherland” title=”Donald Sutherland”/>Donald Sutherland<img height = "640" width = "425" src = "” alt=”Kevin Zegers” title=”Kevin Zegers”/>Kevin Zegers

Recall that the film "To the Stars" tells the story of an engineer in the army corps named Roy McBride (played in the film by Brad Pitt), who goes on a space journey through the Galaxy. There he wants to find a father who went missing 20 years ago when he set off in search of an extraterrestrial civilization. In space, Roy also wants to get answers to his long worrying questions and find out why the whole world considers his father a dangerous traitor. Liv Tyler also played in the film the beloved wife of the character Pitt, who is in touch with him, even during the space mission.

World premiere "To the Stars" was held on August 29, 2019 as part of Venice Film Festival. In some countries, the picture came out today. In the Russian box office, she will appear in a week – September 26.

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<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Chelsea, Liv and Stephen Tyler” title=”Chelsea, Liv and Stephen Tyler”/>Chelsea, Liv and Stephen Tyler<img height = "425" width = "640" src = "” alt=”Brad Pitt” title=”Brad Pitt”/>Brad Pitt


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