Megan Fox told why her eldest son wears dresses


Megan Fox told why her eldest son wears dresses

Megan Fox and her sons Noah and Jorney

Recently 33 year old Megan Fox became the heroine of the talk show The Talk. In an interview with the presenters of the program, the actress talked a lot about her children. So, Megan talked about the fact that her six-year-old son Noah sometimes goes to school in dresses. Fox herself understands and accepts the desire of his son to express himself, in contrast to his classmates at school, who often criticize him for choosing outfits.

Noah loves to dress himself, and sometimes he likes to wear dresses. Despite the fact that our school is quite liberal, there are still peers who say to him: "Boys don’t wear dresses, boys don’t wear pink." Now we go through this, and I'm trying to teach him to be self-confident, despite what others say,

– said the actress.

Sons of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Noah, Jorney and BodySons of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Noah, Jorney and Body

Megan also admitted that she considers the eldest son to be very talented. The boy often helps his star mom with a choice of attire and offers her very original combinations of things.

By the way, Megan is not the first time talking in an interview about Noah's outfits. A few years ago, in an interview with reporters, Fox admitted that her son does not interfere with dressing the way he wants, despite constant criticism from the public.

Dresses, glasses, slippers … whatever! This is his life and his clothes! Now he is at that age when he can afford to have fun. Dressing in a dress, he does no harm to anyone. So if he wants to wear girlish clothes, then let him wear it!

– the actress expressed her opinion.

By the way, Megan Fox is not the only celebrity whose sons wear dresses and skirts. Express oneself in the same way their children are allowed Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts and other star moms.

21 year old son Will smith and Jade Pinkett, Jaden used to appear in public in skirts and dresses too. And to criticize the public about this guy did not pay no attention.

If I want to wear dresses, I will do it, and this will be the beginning of a new wave,

– Once said a young man.Sons of Megan Fox: Noah and BodySons of Megan Fox: Noah and Body

Recall that married with actor Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox brings up three sons: six-year-old Noah, five-year-old Body and three-year-old Jorney. In a recent interview, a star admittedthat motherhood really changed her: with every pregnancy, Megan felt that she was becoming a better version of herself.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin GreenMegan Fox and Brian Austin Green


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