Milan Fashion Week: Irina Shayk at the Bottega Veneta fashion show


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Milan Fashion Week: Irina Shayk at the Bottega Veneta fashion show

Irina Shayk

Within fashion weeks Milan has already hosted several iconic shows, but have seen we are on them while the sisters Hadid and Kayu Gerber – the trinity remains one of the most popular models and barely has time with a defile on a defile. But the fans, of course, were looking forward to the appearance of another star model – Irina ShaykAlso in Milan is a celebrity flew in just yesterday. And today, Irina entered the Bottega Veneta podium. Also participated in the defile nephew supermodels Christy Turlington James Turlington, who changed his sports career to work as a fashion model.

The main emphasis in the brand’s collection has traditionally been made on leather: on the catwalk were presented both things completely tailored from this material, and outfits where the leather is used as a decorative element or decoration. We paid special attention to the combination of different textures: for example, leather and knitwear.

This season, Bottega Veneta is well-known to everyone thanks to its clutch bag, which has already been nicknamed “dumplings,” however this sharp comparison does not prevent the accessory from gaining popularity. At current fashion weeks, the bag remains one of the most sought-after shows among the guests, and celebrities willingly complement their images with it. And the brand, it seems, does not intend to lose leading positions – they prepared another accessory for the new season, which they must have the strength to do: now it is something like a woven knot.


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