Silk and miniskirt: two new images of Irina Shayk in Milan


Silk and miniskirt: two new images of Irina Shayk in Milan

Irina Shayk

Despite its busy schedule of impressions within Fashion Weeks in Milan, 33 year old Irina Shayk also has time for fashion presentations and shopping (and how to stay away from it in the main fashionable city of Italy!).

This morning, Irina did not begin to bask in bed for a long time and sleep off after yesterday show Moschino, which ended late in the evening. Already at ten in the morning, the model arrived on a press day at the Falconeri boutique. Recall, Shake is the ambassador of this brand and not so long ago. starred in a new ad campaign.

Irina ShaykIrina ShaykIrina Shayk

Irina Shayk and Ali KavoussiIrina Shayk and Ali Kavoussi

At the event, the Russian top model appeared in a silk khaki suit and black sconce (such a set recently enjoys in particular demand among models!). Well, a day earlier, Irina managed to find a couple of hours for shopping – the paparazzi overtook her on one of the streets in the city center. For a walk, Shake chose a Versace miniskirt and a bright orange pullover. In both cases, Irina was accompanied by her agent Ali Kavoussi.

Irina Shayk and Ali KavoussiIrina Shayk and Ali KavoussiIrina Shayk

Irina willingly posed at the rails with a new collection and answered several questions from local reporters. So, Shake admitted that she was not averse to learning Italian! Irina loves spending time in this country. For example, this summer she rested with mom in Italy. Among her favorite places, Sheik named Lake Como, Lake Garda, Verona and the Apulia region overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Irina also told how exhausting the schedule may be for the model.

Dealing with jetlag can be very difficult. For example, last night I slept for one hour: I fell asleep at five in the morning, and at six I had to get up!

– shared the podium star.

Irina Shayk

Shake that this summer broke up with the father of his daughter Leia, an actor Bradley Cooper, not very fond of talking about his personal life, but reporters managed to ask her a couple of questions about the child.

My life with the advent of Leia has not changed, but the way I prioritize has changed significantly. I am happy to be a mother, daughter means everything to me!

– admitted Irina.

Irina Shayk


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