Can I get a double tap from anyone who has ever been intrigued when products lik…


Can I get a double tap from anyone who has ever been intrigued when products like Garcinia Cambogia, body wraps, diet pills, etc. claim to “burn belly fat while you sleep!”. I know I have!! So they’re telling me I don’t have to change a damn thing about my diet or exercise and their miracle product will “block the ability to make fat” (their words not mine). It’s SO tempting! Such are all the fad diets out there! I can admit I fell for them. I tried to take the extremely easy way out. ⁣⠀
Bouncing from fad diet to fad diet my weight continuously yo-yoed and I was never able to maintain any results. With all of these messed up ways of thinking dancing around in my head I finally hit my heaviest weight knocking on 180 pounds’ door. But you see at this time I was following an effective fitness program very consistently so how could this be? Well, my diet was not consistent. And if I was being consistent with the latest trend in weight loss I would see the results but have no idea how to maintain it because I didn’t want to give up carbs forever! ⁣⠀
Then there was the effect that these diets were having on my energy levels. I wasn’t properly fueling myself and it was taking its toll on me in the gym. Not to mention weighing 30 extra lbs was also taking its toll on my workouts! Moving quickly and pushing and pulling my own bodyweight took more effort than necessary. I was essentially wearing a weight vest through all my workouts and not even realizing the impact it was having on them. I wanted to look as fit as I was working in the gym but the physical results just weren’t happening. Once I finally sat down and researched all of the science behind it, everything came together. I managed to lose the weight and keep it off! And the work that I was putting into the gym shone through PLUS my workouts got easier! My gymnastics movements improved drastically, my physical capacity increased and I could move my body so much faster in everything I did. I was worried that I would lose strength but it turns out when you’re eating properly that is also a myth! The road isn’t as simple as taking a pill but I sure try to make it easier people! Next program starts April 1st.



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